Shooting Ourselves In The Foot

Shooting Oursleves In The Foot Headerby Benjamin T. Moore, Jr.

“If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.” _Joseph Goebbels.


Shooting Ourselves In The Foot

Shooting Ourselves In The Foot - Shoot Foot¬†How many times have you heard the phrase, “liberal media?” “Mainstream media?” Or as some like to call themselves, “progressive media?” Let me give you a little clue. No such thing exists! It’s a myth and I’ll prove it by citing relatively recent history.

Remember when Al Gore ran against George Bush for President? This was the first time Bush ran. George Bush was never actually elected. I remember watching the election returns that night and everything came down to that mess we call “Florida.” By the way this is when I lost my virginity with the media. It wasn’t pleasant. They didn’t even kiss me first.

Liberal Media? Yeah Right!

ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN were watching the returns come in and they called the election for Al Gore. Then something peculiar happened. FOX News suddenly called the election for George Bush. They were the only news organization to do so. Now a reasonable person might expect there to be some disagreement. If everyone else is seeing it the same way and suddenly *ONE* person sees it differently, logic says you give more weight to the consensus not the outlier.

Shooting Ourselves In The Foot - John Prescott Ellis

John Prescott Ellis cousin of George Bush.

It gets better! It later came out that only one person at the FOX news agency was responsible for calling the election for George Bush. Turns out he was a cousin of George Bush. So, based on a relative of George Bush making a proclamation backed by neither evidence nor fact, all the other News Agencies, halted and fell in line with FOX News.

I submit, this never would have happened had these news agencies been truly independent. Imagine everyone looking up at the sky and saying, “it’s blue,” then one person exclaims, “no, it’s red!” Normally everyone would look at this person and conclude that he had the problem. If everyone around you said, “well I guess we were wrong, it must be red,” you would be convinced you were in the middle of either a very strange dream or a nightmare. Yet this is pretty much what happened that fateful election night.

George W. Bush – Our First Appointed President

Shooting Ourselves In The Foot - Hanging ChadsRemember, the governor of Florida at that time was George Bush’s brother Jeb Bush. Due to voting chicanery – the blueprint for what we now see with every election in a “red State” – hanging chads, machines casting votes for persons other than people attempted to vote for, many votes were not counted. Many votes were simply thrown out. You knew there was a problem when Pat Buchanan received a majority of the vote in Florida’s Jewish communities.

Bottom line? The whole thing wound up before the U.S. Supreme Court. This was when I lost my virginity regarding our legal system and it was even worse than the first time. George Bush’s father had previously stacked the Supreme Court with his appointments. Not surprisingly, they handed the election to George Bush. Thus, they nullified all those uncounted votes in Florida and technically, our democracy ended. We now had a President for, of and by the plutocrats. I refer to the reign of George W. Bush as America’s Dark Ages.

“Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night…” _Dylan Thomas

America Strikes Back

Rather than simply fasten our shackles about our necks and walk into their prison camps, Americans fought back. In 2008 we did something nobody saw coming. We elected our first African-American President. Personally? I think one of the things that made it possible was the GOP’s right wing machine was all geared up to take on Hillary Clinton. They had ads sitting on the shelves ready to go. They were caught completely flat footed, and a step behind by the candidacy of Barack Obama.

Shooting Ourselves In The Foot - Dr. Jeremiah Wright

Dr. Jeremiah Wright

All they could do was to try to paint him as “other.” Remember? First he was a secret Muslim, because his father whom he never really had any interaction with was supposedly Muslim. They rode that horse right up until they discovered Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Then, no he wasn’t a Muslim, he was a Baptist who believed in “Liberation Theology.” Sure would have been nice to have that so called “Liberal Media” to come to his defense. Hardly a peep!

Where Exactly Was The Liberal Media?

Shooting Ourselves In The Foot - Kenyan Birth Certificate

Date of Birth? Correct. However, Kenya didn’t exist until 1964

Next they slandered the entire State of Hawaii, by claiming his official birth certificate was fraudulent. Their claim? He was actually born in Kenya. Never mind that Kenya didn’t exist when President Obama was born. British East Africa didn’t become Kenya until several years after our President’s birth. I got a good laugh at those photoshopped birth certificates they claimed to have discovered. They all had the date of his birth correct… which of course proved they were frauds because they had Kenya on the masthead. If they’d simply Googled Kenya they would have seen they’d of needed to change the date, making him 3 years younger. Of course, never missing the opportunity of shooting ourselves in the foot, our so called, “Liberal Media” must have been on vacation somewhere. Perhaps they were hanging out with Donald Trumps Private Investigators whom, by the way, we still haven’t heard from.

Of course, changing his date of birth would have created another can of worms since his birth announcement was carried in two Hawaiian newspapers and those newspapers are on microfiche in the Library of Congress. President Obama’s parents would have to of been the greatest psychics the world has ever known, to foresee their son becoming President of these United States and orchestrate such a fraud, when their interracial marriage wasn’t even recognized in many of the Southern States at that time. But I digress.

The fact is, if we truly had a liberal media, many of you my readers, wouldn’t be hearing some of these things for the first time. A truly “liberal media” would have been all over this and stamping out the outright lies. They were strangely silent weren’t they?

Predator Drones Make Me Moan

This latest fiasco deals with the use of Predator Drones. Who needs the Republican party when we are so insistent on shooting ourselves in the foot? From February 2002 up through the end of he Bush Presidency in 2008, Predator Drones were used to good effect. Yes, President Obama increased their use, however the protocols and methodology remained the same. If a Predator Drone gets shot down, malfunctions or crashes, we don’t lose American military personnel. No rescue missions to retrieve an American airman stranded in hostile territory. It is just an expensive piece of military equipment. No piece of equipment is more precious than the life of a son, daughter or father serving in a theater of war.

And Now For Their Objections

If you pay careful attention to what the real objections are, they are as follows:

1.) Use of Predator Drones is unsportsmanlike. The enemy has no chance against them.

That seems to be a problem for some. War is not a sporting contest. It is not like a football game to be watched for entertainment. War is a bloody business. You want to be able to strike down your enemy from a place of safety.

2.) Predator Drones have killed civilians.

Yes, I’m sure they have. However, let us not be naive. What do you expect *them* to say? “Damn you got us?” We’re fighting an asymmetrical war. Our enemies don’t wear uniforms and march in formation. That group of civilians they show you may have just finished planting a road side bomb. Would it be somehow better if instead of a Predator Drone, an F-117 stealth fighter did the deed?

3.) Predator Drones have been used to kill American Citizens.

Depends upon what you call a citizen. If a person goes to a foreign land… one we happen to be at war against, dons the attire of our enemies, takes up arms against us and or incites, encourages or recruits others to murder our soldiers, I’m comfortable with the notion that he has given up his citizenship.

A Really Inconvenient Truth

Where is our so called “liberal media?” Why am I having to make these arguments? Why? Because they’re taking their marching orders and agendas from the right wing news sources. The question you ought to be asking is what even makes these right wing nincompoops relevant?

What’s changed? Could it be that our President is Black? I would hate to think so, nevertheless, given our propensity for repeatedly shooting ourselves in the foot, I’m inclined to believe this has a lot to do with it.

When Your Racism Blinds You To Reality

Gallery - SCOTUS Meme

by Benjamin T. Moore, Jr.

Irony, i-ro-ny: Incongruity between what might be expected and what actually occurs.

How many times have you heard some Tea Party nitwit make the claim that President Obama is destroying our “American Way of Life?” It is a constant theme and the drum beat to whatever tune they’re singing. If they open their refrigerator and the milk is sour, it’s President Obama’s fault.

When unemployment was high, that was President Obama’s fault. Now that unemployment numbers have been dropping, well, those independent agencies that report on these matters, are fudging the numbers for him.

How many times have you heard some nitwit Tea Bagger declare, “I want my country back!” When I woke up this morning, I made a point to check on it and apparently it’s still here. Nevertheless, for some reason, they believe that this country has changed… and it’s all Obama’s fault!

A great number of so called Libertarians and Tea Baggers are simply appalled that two people who love each other, regardless of gender can make a lifetime commitment to one another and marry. This seems odd to me because I was under the impression that Libertarians enshrined the philosophy of absolute personal freedom so long as the exercise thereof does not negatively impact another.

“Obama’s coming for your guns!” How many times have you heard that one? Never mind the fact that your gun rights have actually been expanded under President Obama, nevertheless, that one sure gets people up in arms – literally – and hollering about the decimation of our Bill Of Rights.

The Irony? While they’re venting their spleens at President Obama, the United States Supreme Court – the majority appointed by Republican Presidents – has done more to change this nation from the comforting delusion they’ve embraced all their lives.

It wasn’t President Obama who signed an executive order striking down the Defense of Marriage Act which led to Gay people finally being able to marry. That was the U.S. Supreme Court. It wasn’t President Obama who struck down California’s Proposition 8 which took away the legality of marriages between same sex couples. That was the U.S. Supreme Court.

“Land Of The Free?” The Supreme Court has held that police can seize your DNA without you being even charged for a crime. The Supreme Court has held that the police can strip search you if they arrest you for a traffic violation. Perhaps you didn’t have your insurance card with you when you were pulled over?

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that Corporations have the same rights as an individual citizen. I’m 56 and this isn’t the America I remember growing up in. Hate the idea of everyone having health care – “Obama Care” – It was the Republican majority of the U.S. Supreme Court that declared “Obama Care” to be legal and Constitutional.

So, why aren’t the Tea Baggers taking a cue from the Occupy Wall Street Movement and marching on the U.S. Supreme Court? Because the real issue isn’t all the things they claim. Their real issue is, there’s a Black man in the White House. That’s what has really changed in this country and some of them simply have no idea how to deal with this fact.

When your racism blinds you to reality, your behaviours and your actions put your own self-interests at risk.

DNA Apocalypse – Scalia Gets It Right.

DNA Apocalypse - Headerby Benjamin T. Moore, Jr.

DNA Apocalypse - Mayan Calender

Mayan Calender

As a rule, I am not moved by the prophets of doom who quite regularly predict the end of the world, the second coming of Christ or whom point to such historical artifacts as the “Mayan Calender.” When you carve a calender in stone, you’re going to run out of rock sooner or later. Not to mention, the Mayans didn’t see the Spanish coming.

However, just the other day, something happened that actually caused me to entertain the possibility that I may need to reconsider. We just might be living at the “End Of Days.” I’m talking about the recent Supreme Court case upholding the right of the police to collect DNA from people who they’ve arrested but have yet to be convicted of any crime.

Needless to say, I believe the Court to be in error. The ruling allows a grievous invasion of privacy and violates 4th Amendment protections against unreasonable searches and seizures. However, my views notwithstanding, what caused a disturbance in the Force – to borrow a Star Wars phrase – was that Justice Antonin Scalia came down on the right side of the issue and actually wrote the dissenting opinion with the three other liberal Justices!

DNA Apocalypse - Clarence Thomas

Clarence Thomas is of NO value!

For me, it was not unlike awaking to discover that while I slept, the Sun had started rising in the West and setting in the East! After this, all it would take to have me dispose of my possessions, put on a robe of sackcloth, cover my face in ashes, wear a placard and begin passing out tracts announcing the “End Of The World,” would be for Clarence Thomas to speak up in deliberations and actually make an intelligent contribution to the discussion.

DNA Apocalypse

The reality is, we are living in an extremely dangerous time. Our technology has far outstripped our morality, our laws and our spiritual development. One of the most profound discussions on this issue, believe it or not, is contained in a movie. A work of science fiction. Yet, the truth spoken rises to the level of prophetic.

We’re so preoccupied with whether or not we can do something, we forget to consider whether or not we should! The field of genetic engineering through the manipulation of DNA poses an even greater risk to life on this planet than the threat of “Global Thermal Nuclear War.” I am not being melodramatic when I say we could be facing an imminent DNA Apocalypse.

DNA Apocalypse - Dead Bee

If the Bees go, we’re next!

Each year we’re losing 1/3 of our honey bees in what they’ve termed Colony Collapse Disorder. I suppose it is less threatening when you simply refer to it as “CCD.” Makes it sound like a computer chip in a video camera. Thus you can talk about it and most people won’t even know what you’re talking about. You should be afraid… very afraid! Bees are our pollinators. They are necessary for many of the fruits, nuts and vegetables we rely on for sustenance. When the Bees go, we’ll be right behind them.

DNA Apocalypse - MonsantoWhy are they dying? Again, like the Global Warming debate, we pretend that nobody knows. They’ll talk about correlation not equalling causality. However, you can trace the genesis of this problem back to Monsanto and other firms coming out with genetically designed crops that will grow in chemically treated soil. This chemical treatment kills weeds and bugs. Let me take this further. The pesticide is in the crop and when a bug eats it, it dies. Would you spray your food with Raid or Black Flag and then eat it? In essence this is what you’re doing when you consume genetically modified food or “GMOs” as they’re called. These chemicals are collecting and concentrating in your body.

There is little doubt in my mind that many of these new chronic ailments we’re being bombarded with commercials from our friendly pharmaceutical industry about, are directly related to all these genetically modified foods. I try and eat organic whenever possible. Even organic milk tastes different. The first time I drank a glass of organic milk, I exclaimed, “this is what milk used to taste like!”

DNA Apocalypse – The Darker Side

DNA Apocalypse - Chemtrails

You should look up sometime…

Our military industrial complex explores the weaponization of all new technologies. DNA technology is no different. What if there was a way to design a disease with your name on it? It would be the perfect assassination tool. Keyed specifically to your DNA, one of those planes you see, spraying “chem-trails” could fly over the city where you live and within a few days you’d become sick and die. Perhaps some of your family members who shared a similarity in DNA would get the sniffles, but that would just provide cover for the true target… you! Guess what, it’s already here!

DNA Apocalypse - DNA strandRight now the Secret Service guards the President’s DNA. Our clandestine services have also made a point of collecting the DNA of every Head Of State they can get their hands on. Suppose Hitler had access to this technology? What do you think “the mapping the human genome project” is really about? What if someone decided to create a virus that only pure blood white people would be immune to? For one, they’d be surprised because the human race is now so mixed, many people who believe they’re Caucasian or African or Asian really have a genetic signature that includes numerous other races.

DNA Apocalypse - Dr. Henry Louis GatesDr. Henry – Skip – Gates has a project to help people find their ancestry using their DNA. All his life he has believed that he is Black and believed he would find the most significant of his families origins in Africa. Much to his surprise, according to his DNA he is 51% Caucasian and his roots trace back most directly to Ireland. You just never know.

DNA Apocalypse – Unimpeachable Evidence

DNA Apocalypse - Fingerprint CardWe all have watched CSI or one of its numerous variants. DNA evidence is the “gold standard.” Or is it? NEWS FLASH!!! Evidence can be planted. We have had cases where police departments planted fingerprint evidence. Even government agencies such as the CIA have been caught red handed planting finger print evidence. Guess what! It is even easier to collect your DNA without your knowledge and plant it.

DNA Apocalypse - Computer Keyboard Dump

It’s just this easy!

Do you work at a computer terminal? All I need to do is take a sheet of cellophane, spread it out, take your keyboard, turn it upside down over the cellophane and give it a tap. All sorts of debris with your DNA will be collected on that sheet of cellophane. Comb your hair in the bathroom during the day? All I have to do is follow you in and pick up a few of your hairs off the floor.

Whether or not you believe O.J. Simpson murdered his ex-wife and Ron Goldman, the reason he was acquitted of those crimes was because the L.A.P.D. were caught in the act planting blood evidence. Most people didn’t actually get to watch the entire trial gavel to gavel. I actually did.

DNA Apocalypse - Blood Vial

When they’ve got your blood… they own you!

The lead homicide investigator, after blood was drawn from O.J. down at the police station, instead of walking it down the hall and checking it in as evidence, put the vial in his pocket and took it back to Simpson’s home. They got caught by their own police photographer. He had taken pictures of the foyer earlier and there clearly was no blood on the floor. A few hours later he was asked to take additional pictures of the area and suddenly two small drops had appeared.

Yes, you really should be concerned about the police collecting your DNA! Damn! It is frightening when Antonin Scalia gets it right!