Technological Subjugation In Our Nuclear Age

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Technological Subjugation In Our Nuclear Age

by Benjamin T. Moore, Jr.

Yes there is certainly validity to the argument that a nation who builds a nuclear reactor could also build a bomb. To be sure the by products of nuclear technology can be weaponized. These materials could also fall into the hands of terrorist. Although, given the relative paucity of security around some of our nuclear sites, one has to wonder if this really is a primary concern.

War – Incubator For Technology

Human beings are a twisted species. Wars often provide the blood soaked, fertile ground in which the seeds of advancement are sown. It seems throwing a party where we all agree to murder one another, certainly gets our creative juices flowing!

Advancements in metallurgy were a result of building better swords, knives and battle axes. The sharpest edge known to man is still the edge on a fractured piece of flint. That perfect edge goes down to one molecule of thickness which is far sharper than any metal blade can ever be. The problem of course is, stone blades while excellent at slicing and cutting, make poor weapons because they chip and break under impact. Hence metals.

Technological Subjugation - Composite Bow

Composite Bow

The simple bow and arrow, while more than adequate for hunting, when applied to war, caused us to learn about adhesives, the advantages of compressed fibers, the mechanical advantages of geometric shapes and the list goes on. Some of the early “composite bows” were simply works of art. They used backings of animal sinew – applied with natural adhesives – to allow them to store more energy when flexed. They used animal horn on their recurved tips to provide mechanical advantage. Some of these same principles – albeit using different materials – can be seen practically applied in the construction of skyscrapers today.

Technological Subjugation - Egyptian Chariot

Egyptian Chariot

Egyptian chariots employed highly sophisticated suspension systems. For the archer to hit his target, the ride needed to be as smooth as possible. Some of these same principles are in the suspension systems of the cars we enjoy today. The lightness of the spoked wheel that first appeared on war chariots can be seen on high performance sports cars today.

Technological Subjugation - German V2 Rocket

German V2 Rocket circa WWII

Hitler’s V-2 rockets designed to rain down terror and destruction on England and other Allied Nations, were the genesis of our space program. Without the V-2 rocket and the technologies developed making it and refining it, Neil Armstrong would never have left his footprints on our Lunar surface. The technologies we developed solving the problems of surviving the harsh vacuum of space, not only had their genesis in war, but they too spawned other technologies we take for granted today.

We ended WWII by dropping two atomic bombs on Japan. This was horrible, malicious, genocidal and brutal. In my opinion, there was no excuse for it other than the fact, we wanted to test out our new weapon on human guinea pigs. That said, out of our weaponization of nuclear physics, we have discovered technologies that have reshaped human existence on this planet and stretched the very concepts of what is and isn’t possible.

We’ve developed high flux components which are used in heavy duty electrical contacts. We’ve developed super-conductors that are used everyday in MRI machines. Microwave technology came about as a result of research into nuclear physics. Plasma physics was spawned with all its applications. The ability to create and use carbon fibers was yet another advancement that came out of our nuclear program.

Technological Subjugation - Microwave Oven

Microwave Oven

The vehicle you drive today, no doubt would not be possible were it not for the war that caused us to create the atomic bomb. That microwave oven sitting on your kitchen counter, would not be there had we not learned how to build atomic bombs.

Technological Subjugation

When we place a global embargo on nuclear technology what are we really doing? If you’ve been paying attention to “Political Speak,” by now you’ve no doubt learned, to really understand what they’re saying, it is often better to simply take the opposite meaning. For instance the whole “Right To Work” laws, really have nothing to do with anyone’s right to work and everything to do with giving employers carte blanche to abuse and oppress their employees.

Thus when you hear things like “nuclear non-proliferation,” what are they really saying? Are they saying that those nations who currently have nuclear capabilities will not build any more bombs? Bigger bombs? Of course not! Why is it that the European powers are so dead set against anyone other than them having nuclear capability? I suggest for two reasons and the second may be the most important.

  1. They don’t want any non-European nation with the power to use a nuclear weapon against them.
  2. They want to keep a monopoly on the the economic gold mine that comes out of spin off technologies spawned by nuclear development.

What would happen if say, Iran as a result of its nuclear program, cracked the secrets to anti-gravity? Suddenly Space exploration would open up and Iran would hold the keys. The biggest cost of Space exploration is lifting men and materials into Space. Anti-gravity would make that cost a non-factor.

If India or Pakistan solved the problems of fusion reactions, suddenly nuclear power plants capable of safely and cleanly running entire neighborhoods and cities or even vehicles would be small enough to fit on your kitchen table. The Oil cartels would become all but extinct within a decade.

Technological Subjugation - Star Gate Earth

Star Gate Earth

Then there are the exotic technologies. What if one of these so called “3rd World Nations” learned how to make “worm holes” through which people, goods and services could be transported instantly? The entire transportation industries would be overturned instantly. Think “Star Gates.” We could send robot probes to the moon and mars, set up gates on those planets and build bases and begin Terra-forming those planets. We could begin mining our asteroid belt.

Technological Subjugation - Piri Reis Map

Piri Reis Map showing Antarctica’s coastline 4,000 years ago before the ice.

All these things would be wonderful for humanity as a whole… but they would spell doom for the current power structures who exist to control and yes, enslave humanity. If there is a “New World” by definition, there must be an “Old World.” The Americas are called “The New World.” The European continent is referred to as “The Old World.” Interestingly enough, there is irrefutable evidence that knowledge of the Americas existed during the times of the Egyptian Pharaohs. Yet, there were myths that kept sailors from venturing too far out to sea. Stories of Sea Serpents, the Kracken, the belief that if you sailed too far you’d fall over the edge of our flat Earth. All these things were designed to inhibit exploration.

Yes, many of the sailors – simple men – believed these myths. However, there were a cadre of people who knew better yet continued to support and proliferate these myths. They feared a mass exodus of taxpayers to the New World where they would no longer be under their control. This nation – The United States – was founded on the principles of freedom. Why was freedom so important? The founders knew first hand what life under the despotic monarchies was like. They believed that a democratically elected, Constitutional Republic would protect them from the despots in the “Old World.” They underestimated the insidious nature of their resolve.

When you hear Israel screaming bloody murder about the possibility of Iran having a nuclear program, remember that Israel already has one. Iran is no more of a threat to Israel than any other nuclear power in the world today. With the exception of North Korea, all of them, any of them could deliver a nuclear payload to Israel if they wanted to. What prevents them from doing so? Simple! The rest of the nuclear powers would immediately exterminate any nation foolish enough to employ a nuclear weapon against another nation. Why would Iran be any different? If you’re worried about nuclear materials falling into terrorist hands, you need to be more concerned about Russia and the now independent members of the old Soviet Republic. Some of those countries pay the people guarding their nuclear stockpiles less than $20 per week.

Syria’s Consequences – The Obama Dilemma

Syria's Consequences - Obama's Dilemma Headerby Benjamin T. Moore, Jr.

We do not live in a world without consequences. Syria’s consequences for using chemical weapons needs to be quick, decisive and comprehensive. Had the world responded when Hitler invaded Poland, WWII may never have happened. If we do not learn from history, we will be doomed to repeat it. Everything has consequences. It is one of the universal laws that governs the Cosmos.

Not Just America’s Responsibility

[KJV] Proverbs 16:18 
Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.

Syria's Consequences - Super Power CertificateThe world has come to expect and rely on the United States taking a leadership role in solving International crises. In point of fact, we have encouraged, cultivated and taken pride in our status as the world’s lone “Super Power.”  The reality is, the American Empire has no clothes and the designation of “Super Power” is merely a certificate taxpayers can hang on their mental walls to help distract us from the reality that we’re paying through the nose to sustain nation States who would throw a party upon our demise.

Syria's Consequences - High Speed Rail

High Speed Rail?

Unless you have ambitions of conquest, you only need a military capable of defending your own borders from any reasonable threat. You do not need to be able to project power around the world. Because the United States has been so willing to do this – at a cost to its taxpayers – other nations have not seen the need to invest a lot of their money developing their own military/industrial complexes. Instead, many of these developed nations have spent their money on providing better healthcare to their citizens, improving their infrastructure with high speed rail and improving their educational systems.

Meanwhile, here in the land of the lone remaining “Super Power,” on a quiet night, you can hear us turning into a third world nation. Our infrastructure is collapsing. Our educational system is failing and our cities are quickly turning into sets for the casting of the next post apocalyptic movie. Put simply, we cannot afford to carry the rest of the world on the backs of the American taxpayer.

Syria’s Consequences

Thus far I have laid out what I believe to be a compelling case for us to stay out of Syria. Unfortunately, loath as I am to say it, this may be the exact wrong thing to do. World Wars occur when multiple nations are drawn into a conflict that began between two nations. In addition to bloodshed and destruction, war creates refugees. Displaced civilians fleeing the conflict. Where do these people go? They flood across the nearest borders into the surrounding nations creating a humanitarian crisis that in many cases, particularly now given the global economic state, these receiving nations are simply not financially equipped to deal with.

Syria's Consequences - Syrian Refugees

Syrian Refugees fleeing into Turkey

Refugees create economic and political crises for the nations surrounding the initial conflict. Suddenly, these nations now have a vested interest in the initial conflict and this creates a powder keg that often explodes. In addition to murdering hundreds of innocent men, women and children through the use of chemical weapons, the other result is, this act has exponentially increased the number of Syrian refugees flooding across the borders of the surrounding nations.

The Whole World Is A Stage

Guy walks into a bar spots a beautiful lady and propositions her. “Would you sleep with me for a million dollars he asks?” Without hesitation, “sure!” she says. “How about for twenty five dollars?” Indignantly, “what kind of a woman do you think I am?!?” “Well, we’ve already established that. Now we’re just haggling over price.”

Syria's Consequences - Kim Jong Un

“Dear Leader” of North Korea Kim Jong Un

Just like nuclear weapons, chemical weapons are weapons of mass destruction. Suppose the Assad Regime had detonated a small tactical nuke? Would it make a difference to you? Fundamentally it’s the same thing. Make no mistake about it, Iran is watching to see what happens and more importantly, North Korea is watching. Doing nothing may be the exact worst thing we can do. Why the worst thing? The world is a jungle that operates on the principle of “Survival Of The Fittest.” You are either predator or prey. If weakness is sensed, a predator can quickly become the prey.

When the United States and the rest of the world indicate that they have no stomach to enforce UN resolutions against the use of Chemical weapons, the hands of State sponsored terrorist are loosed.

Syria’s Consequences – Facing The Harsh Realities

The question is simple, but the answer is not. What do we do? The story is told that at the beginning of WWII, the German army had orders to fall back if they met even the least resistance invading Poland. Theoretically, a single 12 year old armed with a single shot .22 rifle could have stopped the entire German army by simply firing a shot in their direction.

Poland put up no initial resistance and 2.5% of the total global population or over 60 million deaths later, WWII came to an end. Dare we repeat this mistake again? If we refuse to learn the lessons of history, we certainly might.

Syria's Consequences - WWII Cemetery

WWII Cemetery

The world has changed. We are all connected in our global community. What happens in Vegas, doesn’t stay in Vegas. It can be known on the other side of the globe within seconds. Fear mongers have for some time been floating the notion of the United States going to war with China. Here’s why that won’t happen. First, China is holding a sizeable portion of the US debt. The last thing you want to do is harm the person who owes you money or from our perspective, we don’t want to blow up our bank. Second, the main export of the United States is food followed by technology. Taking out the United States would tip the world into global famine.

Of course, there are nations working on the problem of increasing their own domestic food supplies, but right now? The global community needs the United States in tact. The United States is the 3rd top oil producing nation in the world, behind Russia who is first and Saudi Arabia who is second. The bottom line is that WWIII even if no one launched a single nuclear device, would take most of the world back to the stone age. Nations not even participating in such a war would suffer from famine and economic collapse.

Syria's Consequences - Hurricane Katrina Refugees

Hurricane Katrina Refugees

The problem again is, if we do nothing our inaction may lead to the conflict spreading which would draw other nations into what might well turn into WWIII. Right now the United Nations puts the cost of the Syrian refugee crisis at about 3 billion dollars. If you live in the United States, it is easy to forget how hundreds of thousands of refugees would affect much smaller nation States. When hurricane Katrina devastated the gulf and Louisiana in particular, we had a lot of refugees. We looked like a 3rd World Nation. It took us a lot of time to sort things out. People were spending weeks in various sports stadiums and it wasn’t pretty. We were big enough and wealthy enough to absorb our displaced citizens – some were sent as far away as Alaska – but we still have not fully recovered to this date. Now imagine what it would be like for countries some of which are no larger land mass wise than some of our States.


I don’t know what we should do specifically and in particular, but I know we must do something. The longer this conflict continues, the more destabilized and dangerous the region becomes. The more dangerous the region becomes, the higher the probability it will lead to global calamity.