Shooting Ourselves In The Foot

Shooting Oursleves In The Foot Headerby Benjamin T. Moore, Jr.

“If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.” _Joseph Goebbels.


Shooting Ourselves In The Foot

Shooting Ourselves In The Foot - Shoot Foot How many times have you heard the phrase, “liberal media?” “Mainstream media?” Or as some like to call themselves, “progressive media?” Let me give you a little clue. No such thing exists! It’s a myth and I’ll prove it by citing relatively recent history.

Remember when Al Gore ran against George Bush for President? This was the first time Bush ran. George Bush was never actually elected. I remember watching the election returns that night and everything came down to that mess we call “Florida.” By the way this is when I lost my virginity with the media. It wasn’t pleasant. They didn’t even kiss me first.

Liberal Media? Yeah Right!

ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN were watching the returns come in and they called the election for Al Gore. Then something peculiar happened. FOX News suddenly called the election for George Bush. They were the only news organization to do so. Now a reasonable person might expect there to be some disagreement. If everyone else is seeing it the same way and suddenly *ONE* person sees it differently, logic says you give more weight to the consensus not the outlier.

Shooting Ourselves In The Foot - John Prescott Ellis

John Prescott Ellis cousin of George Bush.

It gets better! It later came out that only one person at the FOX news agency was responsible for calling the election for George Bush. Turns out he was a cousin of George Bush. So, based on a relative of George Bush making a proclamation backed by neither evidence nor fact, all the other News Agencies, halted and fell in line with FOX News.

I submit, this never would have happened had these news agencies been truly independent. Imagine everyone looking up at the sky and saying, “it’s blue,” then one person exclaims, “no, it’s red!” Normally everyone would look at this person and conclude that he had the problem. If everyone around you said, “well I guess we were wrong, it must be red,” you would be convinced you were in the middle of either a very strange dream or a nightmare. Yet this is pretty much what happened that fateful election night.

George W. Bush – Our First Appointed President

Shooting Ourselves In The Foot - Hanging ChadsRemember, the governor of Florida at that time was George Bush’s brother Jeb Bush. Due to voting chicanery – the blueprint for what we now see with every election in a “red State” – hanging chads, machines casting votes for persons other than people attempted to vote for, many votes were not counted. Many votes were simply thrown out. You knew there was a problem when Pat Buchanan received a majority of the vote in Florida’s Jewish communities.

Bottom line? The whole thing wound up before the U.S. Supreme Court. This was when I lost my virginity regarding our legal system and it was even worse than the first time. George Bush’s father had previously stacked the Supreme Court with his appointments. Not surprisingly, they handed the election to George Bush. Thus, they nullified all those uncounted votes in Florida and technically, our democracy ended. We now had a President for, of and by the plutocrats. I refer to the reign of George W. Bush as America’s Dark Ages.

“Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night…” _Dylan Thomas

America Strikes Back

Rather than simply fasten our shackles about our necks and walk into their prison camps, Americans fought back. In 2008 we did something nobody saw coming. We elected our first African-American President. Personally? I think one of the things that made it possible was the GOP’s right wing machine was all geared up to take on Hillary Clinton. They had ads sitting on the shelves ready to go. They were caught completely flat footed, and a step behind by the candidacy of Barack Obama.

Shooting Ourselves In The Foot - Dr. Jeremiah Wright

Dr. Jeremiah Wright

All they could do was to try to paint him as “other.” Remember? First he was a secret Muslim, because his father whom he never really had any interaction with was supposedly Muslim. They rode that horse right up until they discovered Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Then, no he wasn’t a Muslim, he was a Baptist who believed in “Liberation Theology.” Sure would have been nice to have that so called “Liberal Media” to come to his defense. Hardly a peep!

Where Exactly Was The Liberal Media?

Shooting Ourselves In The Foot - Kenyan Birth Certificate

Date of Birth? Correct. However, Kenya didn’t exist until 1964

Next they slandered the entire State of Hawaii, by claiming his official birth certificate was fraudulent. Their claim? He was actually born in Kenya. Never mind that Kenya didn’t exist when President Obama was born. British East Africa didn’t become Kenya until several years after our President’s birth. I got a good laugh at those photoshopped birth certificates they claimed to have discovered. They all had the date of his birth correct… which of course proved they were frauds because they had Kenya on the masthead. If they’d simply Googled Kenya they would have seen they’d of needed to change the date, making him 3 years younger. Of course, never missing the opportunity of shooting ourselves in the foot, our so called, “Liberal Media” must have been on vacation somewhere. Perhaps they were hanging out with Donald Trumps Private Investigators whom, by the way, we still haven’t heard from.

Of course, changing his date of birth would have created another can of worms since his birth announcement was carried in two Hawaiian newspapers and those newspapers are on microfiche in the Library of Congress. President Obama’s parents would have to of been the greatest psychics the world has ever known, to foresee their son becoming President of these United States and orchestrate such a fraud, when their interracial marriage wasn’t even recognized in many of the Southern States at that time. But I digress.

The fact is, if we truly had a liberal media, many of you my readers, wouldn’t be hearing some of these things for the first time. A truly “liberal media” would have been all over this and stamping out the outright lies. They were strangely silent weren’t they?

Predator Drones Make Me Moan

This latest fiasco deals with the use of Predator Drones. Who needs the Republican party when we are so insistent on shooting ourselves in the foot? From February 2002 up through the end of he Bush Presidency in 2008, Predator Drones were used to good effect. Yes, President Obama increased their use, however the protocols and methodology remained the same. If a Predator Drone gets shot down, malfunctions or crashes, we don’t lose American military personnel. No rescue missions to retrieve an American airman stranded in hostile territory. It is just an expensive piece of military equipment. No piece of equipment is more precious than the life of a son, daughter or father serving in a theater of war.

And Now For Their Objections

If you pay careful attention to what the real objections are, they are as follows:

1.) Use of Predator Drones is unsportsmanlike. The enemy has no chance against them.

That seems to be a problem for some. War is not a sporting contest. It is not like a football game to be watched for entertainment. War is a bloody business. You want to be able to strike down your enemy from a place of safety.

2.) Predator Drones have killed civilians.

Yes, I’m sure they have. However, let us not be naive. What do you expect *them* to say? “Damn you got us?” We’re fighting an asymmetrical war. Our enemies don’t wear uniforms and march in formation. That group of civilians they show you may have just finished planting a road side bomb. Would it be somehow better if instead of a Predator Drone, an F-117 stealth fighter did the deed?

3.) Predator Drones have been used to kill American Citizens.

Depends upon what you call a citizen. If a person goes to a foreign land… one we happen to be at war against, dons the attire of our enemies, takes up arms against us and or incites, encourages or recruits others to murder our soldiers, I’m comfortable with the notion that he has given up his citizenship.

A Really Inconvenient Truth

Where is our so called “liberal media?” Why am I having to make these arguments? Why? Because they’re taking their marching orders and agendas from the right wing news sources. The question you ought to be asking is what even makes these right wing nincompoops relevant?

What’s changed? Could it be that our President is Black? I would hate to think so, nevertheless, given our propensity for repeatedly shooting ourselves in the foot, I’m inclined to believe this has a lot to do with it.

When Racism Trumps Christian Faith

When Racism Trumps Christian Faith

Strange Bed fellows

by Benjamin T. Moore, Jr.


First let me say by way of disclaimer, I am a devout Agnostic. You might say, “then you have no dog in this fight?” In one sense, that would be true. However although I do not subscribe to any system of belief, I live in a country where those in government not only do subscribe to systems of belief, but invite us to form opinions regarding their integrity and fitness for office based on their particular brand of faith. Since we are invited to use their professions of faith as a measuring stick for their fitness to lead us, it is only fair that we oblige them and examine, not only their beliefs, but how ardently they adhere to those beliefs. Likewise when people with the title of Evangelist share their faith with us, it is not beyond the pale to observe and examine their actions to determine if they actually believe in what they’re selling.

When Racism Trumps Christian Faith

Billy Graham meets Mitt Romney

Strange Bed Fellows Indeed

This past week “Evangelist to the Presidents,” Billy Graham and the heir to his ministry, Franklin Graham sat down with Governor Willard Mitt Romney. Mr. Romney is running for the office of President of these United States, so on the surface there is nothing strange or unusual about their meeting. Indeed the 93 year old Rev. Graham has met with every President since Eisenhower. What is unusual is what happened following that meeting.

On Rev. Graham’s website at that time there was a list of religious groups he considered to be “cults.” Mormonism was on that list along with Jehovah’s Witnesses, The Church of Scientology and others. Following that meeting, Mormonism was removed from that list. Why? What happened? What changed? When things seem unusual, it is often best to dig a little deeper. First, we need to take a step back and get a perspective on some things.

Moses Bringing Down the 10 Commandments

Moses Brings Down the Ten Commandments

Christianity has been a “no compromise” religion. If you trace it back through it’s roots in Judaism, the Christian God wrecked genocide on groups of people who did not believe in or worship him. The Old Testament of the Bible is rife with wars of aggression being waged against people for whom there was precious little mentioned in the way of provocation. You must remember, if you believe the whole “10 Commandments” thing with Moses, a mountain and God, the “10 Commandments” were given to the Jews, not the rest of the world. Thus, to punish people for not living up to a law they were never given in the first place, seems a bit peculiar does it not?

The Walls of Jericho coming down

The Walls of Jericho Coming Down

It would be sort of like driving through a town in your shiny black truck, being stopped by the police, pulled out of your truck and then summarily shot! Why? Because driving a black colored vehicle is a crime punishable by immediate death in the town you’re driving through. Might have been nice to have known that before hand wouldn’t it? Remember the famous battle of Jericho? You know? Probably heard about it in Sunday School? People marched, trumpets blew, walls came crashing down, slaughter ensued… What did those people ever do to deserve what happened to them? If we’re going by the Biblical accounts, not a thing.

The Crusades



Fast forward in time to the “Middle Ages.” You have the Crusades. If you drill down an actually analyze the issues, Saladin the Muslim Sultan of Egypt and Syria was an admirable person. He had no problem with Christian pilgrims coming to the “Holy Lands.” The problem was, the Roman Catholic Church simply could not abide the fact that Jerusalem was being controlled and run by people who were not Christian. Never mind the fact that the sites they considered holy were not being defiled but were equally revered by the Muslims. They had to go to war. Thousands of innocent people – civilians if you please – lost their lives for no good purpose. The wounds inflicted during the “Crusades” still haunt us today and influence the relationship between Islam and the West. Why all the bloodshed? Muslims believed differently than Christians. Same God. Same patriarchs but a different spin on things. Christians, Jews and Muslims all claim to worship the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Odd that with so much in common, they simply cannot get along.

Thirty Years War

Graph of European Involvement in the Thirty Years War

European Involvement in Thirty Years War

Fast forward again to the “Pre-Colonial” period. One of the longest lasting and most destructive wars in recorded history was what is known as the “Thirty Years War.” This was a war between Catholics and Protestants. It involved most of Europe at one time or another. Again, same God, same basic beliefs, but because one group had a different spin on things, they had to go to war and people had to die. The cost in lives and resources was tremendous.

Indeed, all the denominations we have today, your Baptist, Methodist, Episcopalian, Lutheran, all of them Protestants, could be said to have had their genesis in the “Thirty Years War.” It was this war that helped to solidify the lines as it were and the differences between these groups. The question I continually ask is, “how can all these people, reading from the same book, the “Holy Bible,” all come away with something different?


[KJV] Galatians 1:8

 But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.

Mormon Golden Plates

No, these are not really them. This is an artists depiction of what they might have looked like had they actually existed.

Mormonism in the grand scheme of things is a brand new man made religion with little to no basis in reality. It lacks the historical context that the other religions point to. Other religions regardless of how they interpret the archaeological data, at least have archaeological data they can point to. Mormonism does not. Those “Golden Tablets” supposedly delivered to Joseph Smith by the “Angel Moroni?” Well, supposedly they were taken back to heaven. Thus, they don’t exist. Even before they were magically transported back to heaven, you couldn’t see them if you were not a true believer. I don’t mean they wouldn’t let you see them. I mean you could be looking directly into the box they were supposed to by lying in. Only those who truly believed could see them. A delusion induced hallucination by any other name.

Mythical Battle Between the Lamanites and the Nephites

Mythical Battle Between the Lamanites and the Nephites

There is no archaeological evidence for any of the supposed battles claimed to have occurred between the “Lamanites and the Nephites.” No weapons, arrowheads, swords, shields all the things that we find from the sites of battles many thousands of years more remote in their historical context. What’s worse is, the science of DNA disproves the seminal Mormon claim that the Native Americans are actually descendants of lost tribes of Jews. Of course, Joseph Smith didn’t know about DNA or the science of genetics when he was making up his religion. Who did back at that time? He had absolutely no idea that a time would come when with just a simple cheek swab, we could pinpoint a person’s ancestry to almost any point on the globe. Not only that, but using DNA you can pull out all the different ethnic contributions that make up who you are.

Mormon Jesus with the Lamanites and the Nephites

We know that this never happened

The bottom line? The Native Americans are in no way, nor have they ever been related to Semitic people. Thus, they’re not some lost tribe of Jews. Of course, one never asks, how exactly do you lose a tribe of people? Has this put the lie to Mormonism? Of course not! Some people simply do not want to be confused with facts. When it comes to Judaism, Christianity and to some extent Islam, much of their lore is simply uncheckable. Can we prove that Abraham existed? No we cannot. We also cannot prove that he did not exist. Science and archaeological evidence strongly suggests it is all a myth, however the events occurred so far back in time that we can never be absolutely certain as to what happened.

Tom Green poses with his five wives after being recently released from jail

Tom Green – Mormon Polygamist with his five wives

Unfortunately for Mormonism, this is not the case. We actually have the records of Joseph Smith’s run-ins with the law on fraud charges. We have records of how he actually died in a gun battle trying to escape from being lynched in jail. We have records of his numerous infidelities with the wives of other men. How surprising that the religion he founds has as one of it’s primary tenets of faith, polygamy. In fact to become a God with your very own planet to rule, you had to take many wives. The more the merrier as they say.

Irreconcilable Differences

The differences between Mormonism and orthodox Christian teachings, is simply staggering. Put another way, wars have been fought and thousands of people have died over disputes in theology that look specious by comparison. Christians teach that Jesus is the only begotten son of God. Mormons teach that not only did God have other sons, Jesus and Lucifer are in fact brothers. Thus all humanity is caught up in a family dispute over a difference of opinions.

Poor Joseph God Was A Hard Act To Follow

Poor Joseph, God would have been a hard act to follow.

Christianity teaches that God is a spirit and those who worship him, worship him in spirit and in truth. Mormonism teaches that God has a physical body with which he enjoys endless celestial sex with his numerous wives. Christianity teaches that Jesus was born of the “Virgin Mary” who conceived through a move of the “Holy Spirit.” Mormonism teaches that God – Elohim – came down in a physical body and had sex with Mary. Of course, if she were a virgin, she wouldn’t have been after that.

Burned at the stake

Had Joseph Smith been around during the Inquisition his theology would have received a warm reception.

The most staggering problem with Mormonism and in essence, what ought to be the deal breaker for even serious consideration as a religion is this fundamental error in logic. According to Mormonism, Elohim was born a human being to as yet unknown, unnamed parents who were of course gods. Elohim was elevated to God status following his death because of his adherence to the teachings of Mormonism. Did you catch that? How could Elohim the supposed creator of this Universe and this planet have followed the teachings of Mormonism when Joseph Smith had not been born and of course had yet to invent Mormonism? You say it was given to him by the angel Moroni? Where did Moroni get it? The whole scam… er, scheme falls apart with the application of a few very simple questions. Had Joseph Smith lived during the time of the Inquisition – damn shame he didn’t – he would have been summarily burned at the stake.

When Racism Trumps Christian Faith

“In the face of a common foe, traditional enemies will unite.”

So what on earth could have bridged the gap between Christianity and Mormonism? Who could have brought these two diametrically opposed theologies together? Who is the “unite-er and not the divider?” Who on this planet has the power to upend 2,000 years of Christian beliefs? Beliefs held so strongly that people have been willing to die for them? Whom could possibly do this?

President Obama

President Barack Hussein Obama 44th President of the United States

There is but one man on this planet with the power to perform such a miracle. His name? President Barack Hussein Obama. Yes, his very presence, his very existence has caused racist white people so much distraught that possibly for the first time in recorded history, they’ve stopped fighting one another over the basis of their theological differences and have come together in unity to fight against the very thought of our first Black President having a second term in office. This phenomenon is one that should be studied for years to come. It should be of interest to political science students and theologians as well. When you look back over recorded history and realize how many wars have been fought and blood spilt over such minor issues as to whether or not  one group had their baptismal formula correct or whether or not one needed to be fully immersed in water or simply have water poured over one’s head.

Franklin Graham

“I am not at all bothered by the fact that Mitt Romney is a Mormon.”

The history of religion has been fraught with one war after the other over what a disinterested 3rd party would consider minor points of doctrine. After all, they all read from the same book, believe in the same God, who cares what comes first in a worship service? This is what makes these current events so damn miraculous! The differences between Mormon theology and Christian theology are not at all small. They’re huge! So, when Franklin Graham says he’s not at all bothered by the fact that Mitt Romney is a Mormon, there must be something else, some power working behind the scenes that can warp the very fabric of theological reality.


Klu Klux Klan attending a Sunday Morning Service

Racism has always been a part of Christianity

Our first clue to this mystery probably has to do with the fact that in spite of the fact that President Obama spent over 20 years in a Christian church, was baptized, there, married there, had his daughters Christened there, a portion of this nation still believes him to be a Muslim.  In point of fact, there would be nothing wrong with him being a Muslim, but why do they insist on making him something he is not?

Muslim Pilgrims at the Hajj

Islam is considered by many white people to be a religion for dark skinned people. Thus if they’re already racist, it carries a connotation when mentioned.

Islam is considered to be a religion for and of dark skinned people. When you say the word Muslim, in many white people’s minds, the word “Black” is inserted in front of it. Thus, Muslim becomes “Black Muslim.” The reality is, people of all races practice the Islamic faith. However, to know this, you’d actually have to study a bit and become familiar with what Islam is. There are approximately 1.6 billion Muslims in the world today. You would think with that many people practicing a system of belief, you might want to know a little about what it is they believe.

Christian Pilgrims participating in a group baptismal ritual in the river Jordan

Christian pilgrims participating in a group baptismal ritual in the river Jordan. Of course they’re white people, but as with Muslims, they could have well been any race of people.

There are a little over 2 billion Christians in the world. The difference in those numbers is actually negligible in the grand scheme of things. When you have a billion people on the planet who think anything is important, it might be a good idea to become familiar with it. It is not so much what we say, not so much what people hear, the important things is what happens in their minds when they’re processing our words. Just as Islam is considered to be a religion practiced by dark skinned people, so too is Christianity considered to be the religion of white people. If I say to you, “he’s a good Christian man” when describing someone to you whom you’ve never met, what image pops into your mind? What race of person are you seeing? By the same token, if I were to describe someone as a good practicing Muslim, what image pops into your head? What is the race of the person you’re imagining?


Mormon missionaries

Mormon Missionaries

The same is particularly true for Mormonism. If I told you to pick the Mormon out of a crowd, you would begin looking for a white person. Believe it or not, there are Black Mormons, nevertheless when you think of Mormons you do not consider Black people as being Mormon. The perception of a Mormon is a white male with no facial hair, wearing a white shirt, black slacks and a neck tie. If we were going to go all in on the stereotype, you’d be looking for a bicycle nearby. This is the image many people have of Mormons. At some point you were presented with it, probably can’t remember when or where and it’s been reinforced over time. Thus when you hear the word Mormons, that memory is automatically triggered.

Sister Wives

Mormon Sister Wives

Of course there is the other popular image and that is of a group of women – “sister wives” – all with their hair similarly arranged, uncut, wearing shapeless, straight dresses that could easily be made at home. These are images which automatically come to mind whenever we’re presented with certain triggers. Is this true? Is this factual? It doesn’t matter. We operate from our perceptions. Racism flows from our perceptions. Our perceptions is where latent and often overt racism resides.

When Franklin Graham opines that President Obama may secretly be a Muslim, on what does he base his opinion? President Obama is rather fond of beer. Muslims like Mormons abstain from alcoholic beverages. President Obama is married to only one woman and has only been married to one woman. Many Muslims around the world just as do many Mormons, practice polygamy. President Obama believes the same gospel Franklin’s father has been preaching for over 63 years. Mitt Romney does not. Yet we now find these two as the strangest of bed fellows. Why?

It is clear that racial hatred long buried and obscured by the façade of Christianity has revealed it’s self at last. For your racial hatred to be so strong it will allow you to embrace with open arms what heretofore on your own website you called a cult. It must be strong indeed. Let’s be clear. Prior to this unholy alliance, had you asked either of the Grahams if there would be any Mormons in heaven, without hesitation they would of told you unequivocally no! Further they would have told you that anyone teaching the false gospel of Mormonism was leading people straight to hell and imperilling their immortal souls. If this is suddenly no longer true, then perhaps we ought to question the entire gospel the Grahams have been preaching all these years. Were they only in it for the money?

If you want to know what Mormons believe and teach, watch the following video presentation prepared by ex-Mormons based on their own documentation. If after watching this you conclude that people who sincerely believe the Christian message as outlined in the Bible, can embrace Mormonism as just another branch or denomination of the Christian faith, then all bets are off and we need to dispense with the Bible because it’s become meaningless psycho-babble.

What the Mormons Teach and Believe