Technological Subjugation In Our Nuclear Age

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Technological Subjugation In Our Nuclear Age

by Benjamin T. Moore, Jr.

Yes there is certainly validity to the argument that a nation who builds a nuclear reactor could also build a bomb. To be sure the by products of nuclear technology can be weaponized. These materials could also fall into the hands of terrorist. Although, given the relative paucity of security around some of our nuclear sites, one has to wonder if this really is a primary concern.

War – Incubator For Technology

Human beings are a twisted species. Wars often provide the blood soaked, fertile ground in which the seeds of advancement are sown. It seems throwing a party where we all agree to murder one another, certainly gets our creative juices flowing!

Advancements in metallurgy were a result of building better swords, knives and battle axes. The sharpest edge known to man is still the edge on a fractured piece of flint. That perfect edge goes down to one molecule of thickness which is far sharper than any metal blade can ever be. The problem of course is, stone blades while excellent at slicing and cutting, make poor weapons because they chip and break under impact. Hence metals.

Technological Subjugation - Composite Bow

Composite Bow

The simple bow and arrow, while more than adequate for hunting, when applied to war, caused us to learn about adhesives, the advantages of compressed fibers, the mechanical advantages of geometric shapes and the list goes on. Some of the early “composite bows” were simply works of art. They used backings of animal sinew – applied with natural adhesives – to allow them to store more energy when flexed. They used animal horn on their recurved tips to provide mechanical advantage. Some of these same principles – albeit using different materials – can be seen practically applied in the construction of skyscrapers today.

Technological Subjugation - Egyptian Chariot

Egyptian Chariot

Egyptian chariots employed highly sophisticated suspension systems. For the archer to hit his target, the ride needed to be as smooth as possible. Some of these same principles are in the suspension systems of the cars we enjoy today. The lightness of the spoked wheel that first appeared on war chariots can be seen on high performance sports cars today.

Technological Subjugation - German V2 Rocket

German V2 Rocket circa WWII

Hitler’s V-2 rockets designed to rain down terror and destruction on England and other Allied Nations, were the genesis of our space program. Without the V-2 rocket and the technologies developed making it and refining it, Neil Armstrong would never have left his footprints on our Lunar surface. The technologies we developed solving the problems of surviving the harsh vacuum of space, not only had their genesis in war, but they too spawned other technologies we take for granted today.

We ended WWII by dropping two atomic bombs on Japan. This was horrible, malicious, genocidal and brutal. In my opinion, there was no excuse for it other than the fact, we wanted to test out our new weapon on human guinea pigs. That said, out of our weaponization of nuclear physics, we have discovered technologies that have reshaped human existence on this planet and stretched the very concepts of what is and isn’t possible.

We’ve developed high flux components which are used in heavy duty electrical contacts. We’ve developed super-conductors that are used everyday in MRI machines. Microwave technology came about as a result of research into nuclear physics. Plasma physics was spawned with all its applications. The ability to create and use carbon fibers was yet another advancement that came out of our nuclear program.

Technological Subjugation - Microwave Oven

Microwave Oven

The vehicle you drive today, no doubt would not be possible were it not for the war that caused us to create the atomic bomb. That microwave oven sitting on your kitchen counter, would not be there had we not learned how to build atomic bombs.

Technological Subjugation

When we place a global embargo on nuclear technology what are we really doing? If you’ve been paying attention to “Political Speak,” by now you’ve no doubt learned, to really understand what they’re saying, it is often better to simply take the opposite meaning. For instance the whole “Right To Work” laws, really have nothing to do with anyone’s right to work and everything to do with giving employers carte blanche to abuse and oppress their employees.

Thus when you hear things like “nuclear non-proliferation,” what are they really saying? Are they saying that those nations who currently have nuclear capabilities will not build any more bombs? Bigger bombs? Of course not! Why is it that the European powers are so dead set against anyone other than them having nuclear capability? I suggest for two reasons and the second may be the most important.

  1. They don’t want any non-European nation with the power to use a nuclear weapon against them.
  2. They want to keep a monopoly on the the economic gold mine that comes out of spin off technologies spawned by nuclear development.

What would happen if say, Iran as a result of its nuclear program, cracked the secrets to anti-gravity? Suddenly Space exploration would open up and Iran would hold the keys. The biggest cost of Space exploration is lifting men and materials into Space. Anti-gravity would make that cost a non-factor.

If India or Pakistan solved the problems of fusion reactions, suddenly nuclear power plants capable of safely and cleanly running entire neighborhoods and cities or even vehicles would be small enough to fit on your kitchen table. The Oil cartels would become all but extinct within a decade.

Technological Subjugation - Star Gate Earth

Star Gate Earth

Then there are the exotic technologies. What if one of these so called “3rd World Nations” learned how to make “worm holes” through which people, goods and services could be transported instantly? The entire transportation industries would be overturned instantly. Think “Star Gates.” We could send robot probes to the moon and mars, set up gates on those planets and build bases and begin Terra-forming those planets. We could begin mining our asteroid belt.

Technological Subjugation - Piri Reis Map

Piri Reis Map showing Antarctica’s coastline 4,000 years ago before the ice.

All these things would be wonderful for humanity as a whole… but they would spell doom for the current power structures who exist to control and yes, enslave humanity. If there is a “New World” by definition, there must be an “Old World.” The Americas are called “The New World.” The European continent is referred to as “The Old World.” Interestingly enough, there is irrefutable evidence that knowledge of the Americas existed during the times of the Egyptian Pharaohs. Yet, there were myths that kept sailors from venturing too far out to sea. Stories of Sea Serpents, the Kracken, the belief that if you sailed too far you’d fall over the edge of our flat Earth. All these things were designed to inhibit exploration.

Yes, many of the sailors – simple men – believed these myths. However, there were a cadre of people who knew better yet continued to support and proliferate these myths. They feared a mass exodus of taxpayers to the New World where they would no longer be under their control. This nation – The United States – was founded on the principles of freedom. Why was freedom so important? The founders knew first hand what life under the despotic monarchies was like. They believed that a democratically elected, Constitutional Republic would protect them from the despots in the “Old World.” They underestimated the insidious nature of their resolve.

When you hear Israel screaming bloody murder about the possibility of Iran having a nuclear program, remember that Israel already has one. Iran is no more of a threat to Israel than any other nuclear power in the world today. With the exception of North Korea, all of them, any of them could deliver a nuclear payload to Israel if they wanted to. What prevents them from doing so? Simple! The rest of the nuclear powers would immediately exterminate any nation foolish enough to employ a nuclear weapon against another nation. Why would Iran be any different? If you’re worried about nuclear materials falling into terrorist hands, you need to be more concerned about Russia and the now independent members of the old Soviet Republic. Some of those countries pay the people guarding their nuclear stockpiles less than $20 per week.

The Problem With Atheism

Gallery - Their Problem With Atheismby Benjamin T. Moore, Jr.


Emperor Constantine invented Christianity to control his empire. Indeed to understand the Catholic Church, one need simply realize the Roman Empire never went away. It merely became the Catholic Church.

Adolf Hitler was raised a devout Catholic. He later discovered the writings of Martin Luther and used Luther’s hatred of the Jews as an organizing point for Germans to rally around. Thus he used a religious belief system to motivate and mobilize Germany into creating a war machine that threatened the world. Small matter that it cost 6 million Jews and untold other millions of people their lives.

Joseph Stalin was raised Georgian Orthodox. He later became an Atheist and did much to stamp out all religion in Russia. However, with the advent of WWII, he relented and began to support the Russian Orthodox Church calling it “a patriotic institution.” Why? Because it was useful in controlling and organizing the Russian people for their war efforts.

The Popes are the head of what may well be the largest and wealthiest corporation on this planet. They are the new versions of the Roman Emperors. Without the need for fielding an army, they control billions of people all around the planet with the carrot and the stick of heaven and hell. People willingly pay tribute/taxes to them in the form of offerings and donations. The Catholic Church influences all the politics around the globe.

Karl Rove is an Anglican-Episcopalian. He wears his religion rather loosely and in practice is more of an Agnostic… unless playing the religion card for political gain. His extensive use of “wedge issues” in politics was a stroke of diabolical genius. Abortion, Gay rights etc. He successfully duped Christians into focusing on those issues while ignoring the other equally – more important – issues they should have been focused on. Poverty, caring for the poor, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked and caring for the sick. How exactly can one be against abortion yet support capital punishment and war?

Pat Robertson is a Southern Baptist minister who makes his living doing a rather poor imitation of Johnny Carson’s “The Tonight Show.” There is not much difference between his “Word Of Knowledge” shtick and Carson’s Carnack The Magnificent. Nevertheless, he has been successful in not only gaining a following, but exerting political influences on our elections.

What do all these people have in common? They exploit those who subscribe to a Christian belief system for personal and political gain. If a stranger walked up to you on the street and told you that you needed to take $500 dollars across town immediately, what would you do? If you’re like me, you would put some distance between yourself and whomever this person was and – in my case – make certain your gun hand was free and unencumbered.

Why? Because you don’t know them. The very nature of their statement would cause suspicion and red flags to begin to wave. However, if that same person claimed they were delivering a message from your mother or some other loved one, suddenly they would have slipped past the first layer of your mental defenses. You would probably ask, “what’s wrong with my mother?” Perhaps, “what is she doing in town?” Notice you’re no longer questioning the authenticity of the message, you’re beyond that. Your mind is now processing what the problem might be and how to solve it.

Religious belief works in the same way. If a preacher tells a Christian that God wants them to pledge $500 or give $500 or vote Republican, your average Christian does not question the message or the messenger, they focus on how or if they can do what is requested. Let’s go back to the message from your mom example. Suppose your mother had passed several years ago and someone came with the same message? Now you would know they were lying and up to no good. Your system of belief and feelings for your mother cannot be exploited.

This is the problem those in power have with Atheist. Atheist are “free thinkers.” You cannot manipulate them using the levers of a belief system. Your appeal must pass the test of logic. An Atheist is going to apply logic to your message or request. They’re going to actually think about what is being said and come to their own conclusions. Tell a Christian that God will supply all their needs, and you’ll get an “Amen!” Turn around and pass an offering plate telling a Christian that their money is needed to support and further God’s work and they’ll pull out their wallets without ever stopping to ask, “if God can supply all *my* needs, why can’t he supply the financial needs of his own ministry?” See the problem?

Justifying Racism – How Bible Passages Get Twisted

Justifying Racism - Headerby Benjamin T. Moore, Jr.

There is only one Race on this planet… The human Race.

The Evolution Of Race

With the mapping of the human genome, the myth of race or ethnicity has been laid bare. Despite our outward appearances which are merely the result of the evolutionary process of adaptation to the climates of geographic location, there is no such thing as Race. We are all the same species. Our parts are interchangeable, thus should we need a heart or lung transplant, a Black, White, Asian is not limited to a donor from their same “Race.” Why? Because really, there is no such thing as race. Dr. Nina Jablonski gives an excellent presentation on this subject at a “TED Talks” presentation.

This is well worth the viewing and I will be referring back to it a bit later.

Define Race

This question is rarely if ever asked. Everyone simply assumes they know the answer. The reality is, in our culture, race is totally based on skin color. Skin color is entirely based on the geographic location humans evolved. Think about it. You can see evolution at work every year. In the summer, you get darker. Whether you’re “Black,” “White,” “Asian” or any other arbitrary ethnic genotype. In the winter, you lighten back up. These changes occur over the space of a few days or weeks at most.

Justifying Racism - Angle Of Sun's RaysWhat would happen if you/your family lived for generation after generation closer to the equator where the amount of sun you received was like a perpetual summer? Your family would grow darker and darker with each successive generation. Again, you see this process begin each summer. By the same token, if you were dark skinned and you/your family moved to northern Europe, over successive generations, your family would lose skin pigment and grow lighter. Why? Because you would be receiving less UV radiation from the Sun. This is because of the oblique angle the Sun’s rays strike the surface of the Earth in the northern latitudes. This is not theory, it is scientific fact.

Even the classic European features are adapted to living in a cold environment. Where it is hot, you want your nose to be wider to take in more oxygen. However, where it is colder, a narrow nose is more efficient to pre-warm the air you inhale. Most of the heat in your body is lost, dissipated through your head. More surface area is more efficient. Broad nose, thicker lips, curly hair helps to protect you from the heat of the Sun and dissipate the heat. In a colder climate, straight hair helps to form an insulating layer to keep heat in. Thin lips provide less surface area for heat loss.

Moving to a different location does not change your race. Over generations you may adapt to your environment – it’s what humans do – but you are still the same race you always were. Human.

Justifying Racism

The primary cause for the very notion of Races comes from people who were historically, anthropologically and archaeologically ignorant, attempting to understand Jewish mythology and take it as historical fact. You may want to read that again. What they fail to understand when reading Biblical accounts, is that the Bible was talking about families and tribes of people. Indeed, “family” and “tribe” are distinctions without a difference.

If you believe the Genesis myth, how many races of man did God create? When did he create a new race of man? At what point did this happen? The Garden of Eden story is what we call a “choke point.” Supposedly, the only two human beings on this planet were Adam and Eve. According to the Bible, Adam and Eve were of one flesh. Thus, no other Races were created in the Garden, fair to say? The next “choke point” recorded in the Bible is the “Great Flood of Noah.”

The Great Flood Myth

Without going into all the reasons why this never happened, suffice it to say, prior to Cable News Networks allowing you to have a global perspective on events, if you look out your door and all you see is water, as far as you’re concerned, the entire world is flooded. The point is, following the Flood, there are supposedly only 8 human survivors. Noah, his wife, his three sons and their wives. If there had been any other “Races” that sprang up by magic, there were none after the flood. So again, there was only one Race on this planet.

A cottage industry has sprung up with people writing books and creating DVDs on the subject of the Nephilim. This comes from a passage in the 6th Chapter of the book of Genesis. It is an interesting story. According to these Biblical researchers, this story implies that humans were interbreeding with alien – or demonic – beings and it is this corruption of the human bloodline which causes God to send the flood to cleanse the Earth. According to the story, the Nephilim were giants. They were more than human with super human abilities.

In their narratives, they explain all the megalithic structures by pointing to these Nephilim. The Great pyramids and the pyramids around the world are all works of the Nephilim according to these researchers. They sell a lot of books, give a lot of speeches and make a lot of money. They also tie up all historical loose ends quite neatly. One might overlook the fact that the only places where these Nephilim built all these megalithic constructions were where Black and Brown people lived. The not so subtle implications are that people of color couldn’t possibly have possessed a technology that White people cannot duplicate or figure out today! So, to preserve the White psyche, it is much more attractive to theorize that space aliens or demonic beings and their hybrid offspring did these great works. Ironically, they rarely ever reference Stonehenge in their conjecturing. Why? Because that megalithic site is in Europe. Those White people were simply clever!

Justifying Racism - David and Goliath

David and Goliath. But I thought all the giants died in the flood?

What everyone seems to miss is, there were giants after the flood! Since the Bible says that all living flesh was destroyed by the flood except for that which was on Noah’s ark, where did these giants come from? If God was trying to destroy the Nephilim and their hybrid offspring, what a waste! It really makes God out to be incompetent! All that death and destruction and he still did not achieve his ends.

Noah’s Three Sons

In Genesis 10, yet another place people like to point to and declare this is where the various races come from, we are told that each of Noah’s sons became the fathers of various nations. Japheth was the father of the Gentiles. Shem was the father of the Shemitic or Semitic peoples and Ham was the father of the African people. There are two things that are important to note. The first is, Noah’s sons were all of the same race. So, you’ve got a problem saying that their offspring who would all be cousins in the same family, suddenly became different races. The second glaring problem is, they left out quite a few ethnic groups that we recognize as races today. Whom was the father of the Asians? How about the Native American people?

Of course, at the time this myth was put together, these people were unknown. There are a few often overlooked other points such as, the descendants of Ham – Black People – are not Gentiles. Only the descendants of Japheth – Europeans – are Gentiles. Ever hear of the Ashkenazi Jews? Ashkenaz was a descendant of Japheth and thus a Gentile. Thus, an Ashkenazi Jew is something of an Oxymoron. I may explore this little problem in a future article.

So we have three sons from the same father, same bloodline, same race – human – supposedly being the progenitors of all the different arbitrary racial distinctions we make today. In a word, nonsense! Everyone present on the planet at this mythical point in time was of the same “Race.” My parents had 3 sons and 1 daughter. We all have different personalities, different interests and different abilities. We are all the same “Race.” We have the same parents and we are of one family. 

What about skin color? At the time of Noah, everyone had Black skin. There were no White people on the planet. If you need to, read that again. This is not theory, this is scientifically proven fact. If we place the “Great Flood” in time, based on the lifespans – generations – listed in your Bible, mankind had not yet left northern Africa and the Mediterranean. This means their skin was still adapted to high UV light.  White skin would not develop until mankind spread into the northern regions of the planet. Thus, Noah, Ham, Shem, Japheth and their descendants were all Black skinned people.

Kemet The Land Of The Blacks

Justifying Racism - Pyramids Of GizaYou are probably more familiar with the Greek name for Kemet, “Egypt.” Kemet is very important to human history. First let me dispel some popular myths. Back in the 70’s when President Carter was brokering a lasting peace between then Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and Israeli President, Menachem Begin, they had all met in Egypt and President Sadat was giving them a tour of the Pyramids of Giza. As they’re walking along, President Begin looks up at the Pyramids and remarks, “these remind me of the suffering of my people.” At which, President Sadat turned to him and informed him, “your people didn’t have a damn thing to do with these!”

President Sadat was of course correct. Based on the Bible and the Torah’s representation of time, the Pyramids were built long before Abraham the Jewish patriarch was born. It is beyond the scope of this article to go into all the proofs that show that the whole Hebrew bondage in Egypt and the Exodus story is a myth. Nevertheless, suffice it to say, at any conceivable placement in time for Moses and the Hebrews being in Egypt, the Egyptians were a Black African people. The first European presence in Egypt came about when Alexander the Greek conquered Egypt.

Justifying Racism - Coat Of Many ColorsWhy is this important. It is important for two reasons. Let’s explore the first. Remember the story of Joseph being sold into bondage in Egypt. This is the whole “Joseph and his technicolor dream coat story.” Joseph has these dreams. His brothers become jealous and plot to get rid of him. He winds up in Egypt and rises to become second only to the Pharaoh.

Here is the point you need to pay attention to. Famine was in the land and Jacob – Israel – sent his sons into Egypt to purchase grain for the family to eat. The brothers had to present themselves before Joseph to buy grain. They did not recognize him standing alongside the other African Egyptians. Had Hebrews been light skinned or fair of complexion, Joseph would have stood out like a sore thumb standing beside the other Black skinned African people. If nothing else, it would have caused his brothers to scrutinize him closely and I’m certain that recognition would have set in.

The next story I want to direct your attention to concerns the story of Moses and the Exodus. If you will recall the whole “burning bush” affair, God sends Moses back to Pharaoh with the message to let his people go. Moses asks why would Pharaoh believe him and God gives Moses several signs. One of those signs was for him to put his hand into his shirt, pull it out and it would become all white and leprous. Think about that for a moment. A White man putting his hand in his shirt and pulling out a white hand wouldn’t really cause much sensation. The Bible specifically says that his hand turned leprous as snow. In other words, white. Clearly Moses wasn’t White to begin with. In fact, nobody in the area was White.

Tribalism Not Racism

Justifying Racism - 10 Commandments Movie

Charlton Heston as Moses

One of our biggest problems with understanding ancient texts, whether it be the Bible, the Torah, Sanskrit you name it, is that everything we read, we filter through the lens of modern understanding and prejudices. Most people when they think of ancient Egypt, are visualizing a Cecil B. DeMill fantasy. Yul Brenner as Pharaoh and Charlton Heston as Moses. The movie, “The Ten Commandments” was so divorced from reality, they might as well have begun it with, “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.”

Back then, no one had any concept of what we now call Race. Since everyone had the same skin color, what was important was where you lived and or which family you belonged to. Conflicts arose over resources. Water, land to grow crops, access roads etc. If you lived in Egypt, you were considered Egyptian. If you lived in Babylon, you were Babylonian. If you lived in the land of Canaan, you were a Canaanite. Where you lived determined the style of your clothes, your armaments and your accent. If you were dressed like a Greek and either spoke Greek or spoke with a Greek accent, you were considered a Greek. Skin color was never an issue.

Dawn Of The Neanderthals

There actually was a time – not long ago as geologic time goes – when there was more than one race on this planet. This was the period when there were Neanderthals. As it turns out, it may be that the gene for white skin comes from Neanderthals. Thus white skinned people are white because of they are closer to Neanderthals than people of color. This certainly would explain their propensity for savage brutality. It turns out that white people have 4 – 5% Neanderthal DNA in their genome. Africans have hardly any and other people of color have anywhere from 1 – 2%.

4 – 5% may not seem like a lot, but when you have 1.1 billion pieces of DNA, and when just one piece can determine your eye color, you can have quite a few instructions contained in that 4 – 5%.

The Geography Of Skin Color

Justifying Racism - Map Of Indigenous Skin Colors

What color is your skin? Which latitude did your ancestors come from?

The simple fact is, human beings need vitamin D to live. The further north or south you go on the surface of the Earth, the more oblique the angle of the rays of the Sun. You do not require the protection of Melanin. You need as much sunlight penetrating the layers of your skin as possible to create that vital vitamin D. Thus, we see that the further one goes into these upper northern and lower southern latitudes, the lighter their skin becomes. It is a human adaptation, not a change in race.

The sad truth? If all people of color suddenly disappeared off the face of the Earth, leaving only white people, there would be a new definition of race. Blond haired, blue eyed white people would become the models of perfection and they’d begin discriminating against their dark haired and dark eyed counter parts. How do we know this? It has already been done in the United States of America. As each new ethnic group immigrated into the United States, they were at the bottom of the social order. They discriminated against the Irish, and the Italians when they first arrived, even though both the people doing the discriminating and the victims of this discrimination consider themselves to be white.

Religion and Discrimination

Justifying Racism - Pope Nicholas V

Pope Nicholas V

It is a fact that the Bible has been used to condone and justify some of the most horrific genocides in human history. In almost every instance, the victims were people of dark complexion. The holocaust of the African Slave trade was started by the Catholic church. In 1452 Pope Nicholas V penned his “Papal Bull” known as the “Dum Diversas.”

“”We grant you [Kings of Spain and Portugal] by these present documents, with our Apostolic Authority, full and free permission to invade, search out, capture, and subjugate the Saracens and pagans and any other unbelievers and enemies of Christ wherever they may be, as well as their kingdoms, duchies, counties, principalities, and other property […] and to reduce their persons into perpetual slavery.”

For the first time in recorded human history, perpetual slavery was created. For the first time in recorded human history, a baby could be born into slavery, grow up a slave and die a slave having never known freedom. During the period that the African Slave trade was in progress, 100,000,000 million Africans were murdered before they ever made it to the auction blocks. This doesn’t include the 100s of millions who survived to be sold into slavery and live out their lives in misery.

Hitler amongst his other delusions, used as a justification for creating the Jewish holocaust, the notion that the Jews were responsible for the death of Jesus. Many Christian nations – the Catholic Church included – were content to look the other way. You can get away with quite a bit, if you use the Bible to justify whatever it is you’re trying to do. The irony is, Hitler looked more like the people he was murdering than his idea of the ideal genotype of blond hair and blue eyes.

Why We Identify With A Racial Group

The delusion of racial typing confers upon certain groups by accident of birth, the presumption of traits and abilities that one neither has to earn nor achieve. Thus, Jews are good with money, Blacks are good athletes, Asians are smart in school and so on. This even carries over into human sexuality. There are myths about white, women, Black women, Asian women, indeed women of all nationalities that are just that… MYTHS! The same should be said for males.

Thus, we limit the human race by embracing these delusions which cause us to squander the most valuable resource on this planet… the human resource! We don’t fund inner city schools because those students are minority students. The mind that may contain the cure for cancer or the solution to a faster than light drive, allowing us to leave this solar system, never gets developed because of racism. We simply can no longer afford racism. Our continued survival depends on the realization that there is only one race on this planet and that race is the Human Race!