“When Politics and Religion ride in the same cart… the Whirlwind Follows!” __Frank Herbert (Dune)

There are few things in life we hold more dear or feel more passionately about than our Politics and our Religion. Often they intersect and excitement ensues. Well, most of the excitement is enjoyed by the bystanders. The actual participants in the debate are often so caught up in their contest, they have little time to enjoy anything. In point of fact, most are so busy making their points, they’re not even listening to what their opponent is saying.

Hopefully this site will provide a forum for not only debate, but will serve to expose you to new ideas, new ways of thinking about a subject and perhaps by your participation you will learn from us as we learn from you. Minds are like parachutes. They work best when they’re open.

The rules here are pretty simple. Very little is off limits topic wise. When you think about it, Politics and Religion – even the lack of religion – cover just about the full spectrum of the human experience. Be polite and respect the opinions of others. Try to present facts and be able to back them up. I guarantee three things:

  • You will hear something you disagree with.
  • You will hear something you agree with.
  • If you participate you will have a blast!

That said, welcome to the Whirling Wind. No, you’re not in Kansas any more. If you see the man behind the curtain, be sure and expose him for all the world to see! Look to see you around. Enjoy yourself.

Benjamin T. Moore, Jr.