Gallery – A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words.

Gallery - When God Speaks To Preachers Meme

Any Questions???

Gallery - One Soul Meme

What if the entire point of life was to remember that we are ONE?

Gallery - Your Weakness Meme

Are You For Sale???

religion meme

This is the essence of your faith.

Test Of Racism - Gallery


Gallery - Race Matters Meme

Notice Anything Different?


Gallery - Ray Rice Hypocrisy Meme

If You Can Be Distracted By the Next Shiny New Object? You’re Part Of The Problem!


Gallery - Like Father, Like Son Meme

Separation of Church and State? Only when it comes to paying taxes!

Gallery - Fatuity Meme

Don’t Be Fatuitous!

What If It Were 1940 Meme

We give the State of Israel over $3 Billion per year. Should we?


Gallery - Ladder Meme

Gallery Immigration Racism Meme

It’s NOT about protecting American Jobs… It’s Racism!

Gallery - Wisdom Meme


Gallery - We Built This Meme

I can think of 3 guys who should be on trial for war crimes.

Gallery - Stand Your Ground Meets Open Carry Meme

What should She do? What would YOU do?

Terror Is A Tactic Meme

Republican Problem Meme

Follow the MONEY! The Kochs gave us Bush and Cheney. How’d that work out?


Public Service Announcement Meme

We now return to previously scheduled nonsense.


Say No To ALEC Meme

A Damn Good Question!


My Law Of Interactions Meme

Contagious Ignorance Meme

A Prayer Worth Praying…


Hobby Lobby Insurance Meme.

Gallery - Peiser For Congress Meme

I’ve Already Donated… Have You???


Gallery - McCain Strangelove Meme

Gallery - What Was He Thinking Meme

Gallery - They Hate This Picture Meme
Gallery - Aqua Buddha Meme

Had Rand Paul been Black? Things might have gone another way…

Gallery - Rand Paul Suit Meme

Gallery - Poison Message Meme

Yeah! I Said It!

Gallery - Red Lobster Abomination Meme

Gallery - Israel Foreign Aid Meme

Why Aren’t They Calling For An End to US Foreign Aid to Israel???


Gallery - Like I Take My Truth Meme

Straight! No Chaser!

Gallery - Christie Caveman MemeGallery - Christie Inner Schultz MemeGallery - Justice MemeGallery - How Deep Meme.

Gallery - If You've Gotta Say It Meme.

Chris and Christine, flip sides of the same Wooden Nickel.

Gallery - Obama Socialist Meme.
The Worst Socialist In History!
Gallery - The Jackass Whisperer Meme.

Advice To Live By!


Gallery - Corporations Are People Meme

Don’t spend money with businesses who don’t pay their employees a living wage.

Gallery - Capitalism Meme

Gallery - PBS Mind Meme
Gallery - Polar Bears Terribly Wrong Meme.

Indianapolis temperature today, -14 degrees. Wind Chill, up to 55 below zero.

Gallery - Undisputed Truth Meme.jpg

Odd isn’t it? Wonder why???
Gallery - Joe Scarborough Pot Meme

An admission against interest???

Gallery - Education Success Meme


Gallery Ted Cruz Sieg Heil Meme


Gallery - Ted Cruz Psychosis Meme

Poor Teddy

Gallery - Dollar Gullibility Meme

He should of named his church, “The Shrine of Dewey, Cheatum and Howe.”

Gallery - War On Christmas Meme

Christians require an enemy to prove they’re still relevant.

Gallery - Isn't It Ironic Meme

Sometimes we simply have to call it what it is… HYPOCRISY!

Gallery - Duck Dynasty Meme

Nothing to do with his faith or his 1st Amendment rights. Everything to do with his contract!

Gallery - Carson - Murray Meme

Pick Your Poison.

Gallery - If Jesus Came Back Today Meme

The Unadulterated Truth!

Gallery - Uncomfortable Moment Meme

Gallery - Rigged System Meme.

Our laws and our tax code are written to protect the wealthy.

Gallery - Human Suits Meme.

I Think We’ve Been Duped!


Gallery - He Wasn't Bluffing Meme

You don’t get to nullify a Presidency!


Gallery - Costco Thanksgiving Day Meme

Teach your dollars some sense!


Gallery - Trump Priceless Meme

Now you know why Trump never called that press conference!


Gallery - Becoming Meme




Gallery - When Does Life Begin Meme.

How Pro-Life Are You… REALLY???

Gallery - Affordable Care Act Explained Meme

Gallery - Free Market Myth Meme

Never has been. Never will be!

Gallery - Slavery Comparison Meme

Gallery - Sarah Palin Slavery Meme

She doesn’t have a clue!

Gallery - Our Journey Meme

In our quest to become more than what we think we are, we’ve forgotten to discover who and what we really are. We night discover that we are already more than enough!


Gallery - Pro-Life Or Slavery 2.0? Meme

Pro-Life Or Slavery 2.0?


Gallery - Rolls Royce Insurance Meme

Annual maintenance = $3,900. Insurance = $1,836 per year. Out of pocket $478 per month. If you could get it for only $50 per month, would you?


Gallery - College Congress Meme

The only thing worse than NOT having an education? Thinking you do when you don’t!


Gallery - Benghazi Perspective Meme

He said he was gathering his thoughts… Helluva time to be starting a new hobby!


Gallery - Declining White Birthrate Meme

Just connect the dots.


Gallery - Voting Health Care Meme

Remember those House investigations into voting irregularities? Neither do I!


Gallery - Jennifer Granholm Meme

So simple even a Republican should understand this.

Gallery - TEA Party Challenge Meme

Put up or shut up!


Gallery - Predator Drone Hypocrisy Meme

Wonder what’s changed???

Gallery - Racism Test Meme

Gallery - Clinto Perspective Meme


Gallery - Not A Patriot MemeGallery - SETI Republican Meme
Gallery - Faces Of Affirmative Action Meme

How old were you when you learned the Earth was 4.5 billion years old?


Gallery - Betty White On John Boehner Meme.

Sometimes the best Man for the Job is a Woman!


Gallery - A Message From Everyone's Favorite Skin Head Meme



Gallery - Ted Cruz Pied Piper Meme

Could Ted Cruz be an undercover Democrat?


Gallery - Trick Fool Failure Meme


Gallery - Col. Sanders Meme
Gallery - Economic Problem Solved Meme

Brilliant! My Wife came up with this one!

Gallery - Buy The Government Meme

It’s No Laughing Matter!


Gallery - Use It Or Lose It Meme

Power Abhors A Vacuum. Weakness Creates A Vacuum.


Gallery - American Exceptionalism Meme

Only In America!

Gallery - American Taliban Meme

Fidel Castro’s Little Time Bomb.

Gallery - Depth Perception Meme
Gallery - End Of Book Meme

It’s important to read to the end of the story!

Gallery - Kamikaze Air Meme

I don’t think we should get on this plane.


Gallery - Ted Cruz Used Car Salesman Meme

Well, would you???

Gallery - GOP Keystone Cops Meme


Gallery - Won't Be Long Now

You’ll never learn to fly… so long as you’re afraid to fall.


Gallery - Abuse Meme
Gallery - It's Not About Saving Your Soul, It's About Control Meme

It’s Not About Saving Your Soul, It’s About Control


Gallery - Got Favor Meme

Got Favor? How About Milk?

Gallery - We Must Never Forget Meme

We Must Never Forget!

Gallery - What If Meme

What If???

Gallery - Not Anymore Meme
Gallery - Because Not Talking Has Worked So Well

Because not talking has worked so well…

Gallery - Teach Them Well Meme

Teach them well!

Gallery - Do You Remember Meme
Gallery - SCOTUS Meme

Think about it!


Gallery - Tim Wise Tips For White People 01 Meme

Perhaps we can put this one to bed now?

Gallery - Their Problem With Atheism

Is someone using your belief system against you?

Gallery - Tim Wise MemeGallery - Perspectives Meme
Gallery - Truth About Welfare Meme

Isn’t it interesting whenever Welfare is debated, they always show a Black or Brown face?


Gallery - Remember When Meme

Let’s hold Republicans accountable in 2014

Gallery - Anarchy Meme

Their objectives are the same.

Gallery - Change The Universe Meme

Change yourself, Change the Universe

Gallery - Capitalism The Real Disease

It is time to end for profit medicine.

Gallery - Wires Crossed Meme

Inerrancy? Really?

Gallery - Immigration Walmart China Connection

Food for thought!

Gallery - Fear Is The Mind Killer Meme

Gallery - Atheism How Would You Feel Meme

Something to think about!

Gallery - Written In Blood Meme Gallery - Jungle Creed Meme

Gallery - Stand Your Ground 02 Meme

How far do you want to take this???

Gallery - Stand Your Ground Meme

Gallery - Neanderthal Evolution Meme

This is a clear example of how racism affects science.

Gallery - Electronic Church Meme

Who Needs Church When They’ve Got Facebook?

Gallery - The Many Faces Of George Zimmerman Meme

Don’t Get Played!

Gallery - Abraham Meme

Since when does an omniscient God need to test anyone?

Gallery - Common Sense Meme

Common Sense, So Rare It’s A God Damned Super Power!

Gallery - The Return Meme Gallery - Affirmative Action Meme

Gallery - True Friends Meme

True friends will find each other.


Gallery - Apartheid Meme

The United States of Apartheid


Gallery - Listen Carefully Meme

You must listen carefully.

Gallery - Betrayal Meme

Maybe the Church should stay out of Politics?

Gallery - Rule Of Law Meme
Gallery - Magic Meme

Choose Wisely!

Gallery - Ryan Colonoscopy Meme

And now you know… :-)

Gallery - N-Word Meme

Sometimes the only way to win is not to play.

Gallery - Science And Religion Meme

Will the human race survive their two pronged attack?

Gallery - Brilliant Meme

9 pages of sermon notes… supplied by the movie studio?

Gallery - Faux Scandals Meme

Where were all these outraged Civil Libertarians 7 years ago???

Gallery - Harriet Tubman Meme

Who’s Plantation are you still on?

Gallery - Streets Of Gold Meme

It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter into heaven.

Gallery - Earth Meme

I don’t have a backup plan, do you?

Gallery - Praise and Worship Meme

Think about it!

Gallery - Uncanny Meme

Ted Cruz would have his father’s morals and his mother’s intellect.

Gallery - Perspective Meme

Question the motives of those who cry loudest.

Gallery - Stewardship Meme

Everyday 20,000 Children die of starvation and disease.


Gallery - Secrets Of Power #1

Power without responsibility leads to evil.

Gallery - Find Your Own Wilderness Meme

When people in the Church do everything people out of the Church do, what’s the point?

Gallery - Scandals Obama MemeGallery - Their Turn In The Barrel MemeGallery - Global Warming Meme
Gallery - Taxed Enough Already? I'm Not Meme

Taxed Enough Already? I’m Not!

Whirling Wind Gallery - Louie Gohmert Marijuana Meme

Gallery - It Is Finished Meme

What’s the difference?

Forged Chains Meme

Question Everything

Pressure Cooker Meme

Not An Indian Meme
Freewill Meme

You Have To Fight For It!


Appalachian Trail Meme

Do you really care what people call themselves?

Outgrowing Your Friends Meme

We are all on our own path. If our paths are close enough and we are at similar locations we can walk together. Sometimes our paths diverge or someone simply stops. It then becomes impossible to maintain a relationships with that someone if we are to continue to make progress.

Dog Or The Bear Meme

Never trust anyone who seeks to manipulate your mind!

Find Your CenterGun Grab Meme Mark Twain on Religion and Politics
Ayn Rand - L. Ron Hubbard Meme

Ayn Rand… The L. Ron Hubbard Of The Republican Pary!

Ask The Next Question!Behind The Scenes At The United States Supreme CourtHusband-In-Law Meme
Three Preachers Meme

3 Went Fishing, Only Two Came Back…

Why Boehner Is Ineffective Meme

No Wonder He Can’t Stand Up To The TEA Party

Test Tube Baby Meme

Anyone Else See This?

10 Simple Truths About Relathionships Meme

Questions The News Media Never Asked Header

What's The Difference?

How Many More Like Him Are Out There?

If he is crazy, clearly psych screenings are a waste of time…

Rights Are Rights Meme

Be Careful What You Wish For!

Don't Be Naive Meme

Don’t be NAIVE!

Electric Message Meme

Hypocrisy Meme

: a feigning to be what one is not or to believe what one does not; especially : the false assumption of an appearance of virtue or religion

Extremist Meme

Doing something just to say you did something, is a waste of EVERYBODY’S time! Wayne LaPierre? Diane Feinstein? Flip sides of the same coin!

The More You Know Meme

The global population just reached 9 billion people a year or so ago. So, when Carol Tobias talks about “negative population growth,” which population is she talking about?


Ask Yourself Why Meme
Conspiracy Theory Meme

The Conspiracy Is ALWAYS A Theory… Until It Happens To You…

Down On The Farm Meme



The Pragmatic Christian

The Pragmatic Christian

Clackamas Mall Meme

Nick Meli is a Hero! Isn’t he worthy of our thanks? Or is it more important to someone that his selfless act of bravery be swept under the rug?


Assault Vehicle Meme

Labels are chosen for a reason. Gunman? Shooter? Never the more accurate label of psychotic or sociopath.

America: Not As Bad As You've Been Told!

Jesus Gun Control Meme

My father kept telling me to READ My Bible… Well, I did! Amazing what you can find in there! Turns out reading my Bible became a problem… :-)


More Dangerous Meme
Learn From History Meme


Guns Are Not The Answer Meme

Guns are NEVER the answer… Until they are!

Fundamental Cosmic Law Meme

You cannot take it with you. The Pharaohs already tried that. Might as well treat people right. That’s what really counts.

Watch Night Service 2012 Meme   Loony GOP Cliff MemeFalse Equivalence Meme Tragic Irony Meme

Media Manipulation
Gun Control It's For You Meme

It does not mean what you think it means.

Truth Is A Journey Meme

Don’t take it personally, if I don’t stop where you’ve stopped and accept your truth.

Public Disarming Meme

Different dog, same fleas.

Black Friday For Churches Meme

They collect all those Green Pre$ent$ for Jesus… but they never deliver them to him.

Slavery Firearms Meme

If there is one thing history teaches again and again… It does not bode well for any people who are disarmed.

Worst Dam Socialist In History

On the Internet you can choose to be whatever you want… why choose to be ignorant?

Psychotropic Drug MemeAn Inconvenient Truth Meme

Facts Of Life Meme

The Facts Of Life

Peculiar Meme



2012 meme
President Obama Plays Chess Meme
Doggy Lessons 01 Meme
John Boehner's TEA Party Problem Meme


Teacher Pay Meme

This at a time when the GOP is trying to de-fund schools, break up teacher’s unions and effectively cut their pay.

Evolution Of An Agenda Meme
End Of World Meme


Felony Lying Meme

Shouldn’t It Be A Two Way Street?

Decoding Government Speak Meme

Just take the opposite of whatever they say and you’ll be damn close!

Debt Ceiling Meme
Entitlement MemeWhat Matters Meme

Christian Numerologist Meme
Mayan Prophecy Meme

“They didn’t see the Spanish coming…”

Eric Hoffer Meme

Thus did the TEA Party became a wholly owned subsidiary of the Koch Brothers.

Why They Haven't Visited Us Yet

Perhaps this is why they haven’t landed on the White House lawn?

Representative Goverment Meme Fossil Fuels Meme
GOP Extinction MemeTrue Story Of Christmas Crazy Ann Coulter the Voice of Reason Republican Kevorkian Meme Marijuana Racism Meme Racism affects everything it touches.
Voter Suppression Penalty MemeThe White Man's Fear An Inconvenient Truth!
American Burqa MemeJust because you cannot see it, doesn't mean it is not there.
Grover Norquist's Master PlanPrivatize Profits - Socialize Cost Meme The Truth About Hard Times John Boehner Empty Threat Meme Ancient Chinese Curse Meme Crazy McCain and Palin on Dr. Rice Horse and Sparrow Meme Voting Rights Meme Candy Crowley Journalist of the Year Truth Meme Grover Norquist Meme Fiscal Cliff Meme Facebook Exposing the crazies 24/7 The Brain Is A Computer The most advanced computer on the planet. We should show more care.
Hot Tub Time Machine MemeThe Opposite Of Progress? Congress!
Teach Your Dollars Some Sense MemeStop The Killing John McCain War Hero Meme I do not think it means what you think it means... __Inigo Montoya
Angry Jesus MemeYou won't hear this sermon in your church.
McCain Cry Baby MemeMan Up John!
Pat Robertson Asshole MemeMcCain Straight Jacket Meme 01 Hatred is ALWAYS self-destructive.
Mitt Unbalanced MemeDid losing tip him over the edge?
Thanksgiving MemeIn keeping with the spirit of the season... Thank you!
Republican Lesson #332 memeDo you really want to underestimate him? Weren't you paying attention to this last election?
Fundamentalist MemeWhy think when others will do it for you?
Voting Statistics MemeWhy Do You Suppose They Don't Want You To Know This?
Neil deGrasse Tyson on ChildhoodChildhood shouldn't be this way.
Bill Maher Trickle Down Meme"Don't keep pissing on my head and telling me it's raining." _Walter Mosley (Devil in a Blue Dress)
Mainstream Media MemeMainstream Media? Not So Bad!
Poetic Justice MemePoetic Justice?
Rapture 01 MemeI haven't forgotten about my religious readers!
He Is The ONE!He Is The One!
Republican Stimulus PlanI suppose we should say thank you?
Mathturbation MemeIt's ARITHMETIC!
Don't Get It Twisted - Perspective is KeySo long as we focus on "illegal immigration," the real cause of Job loss will continue. Outsourcing - The High Cost of Low Price.
Don't Buy A Pig In A Poke!Some Of Us Need Better Answers... How About You?
99 Problems but Mitt Ain't One!Do you feel me?
America Is Not For Sale!I'm Not For Sale! Are You?
Rick Scott's Florida Voting MessHere again is a classic example of why STUPIDITY should be a capital offense.
Bad Strategy MemeI Don't Think They Thought This Through...
Republican Lies Laid BareThere Are Lies... Then There Are Damn Lies!
How Things Are Supposed To WorkThis is how things are supposed to work.
Pennsylvania Fool's Gold for the RepublicansGOOD LUCK!
Mitt MIB MemePut Your Raybans ON!!!


Commander in Chief

Commander in Chief

Stop Playing Church

If your Pastor is urging you to vote Republican… or Not Vote at all (same thing as voting Republican) You’re In The Wrong Damn Church!


What if she were your daughter? Could you tell her this? I couldn’t…

  Who Monkey'd With The Economy? Mitt Romney Endorsing Richard Mourdock The Nuts never fall far from the Republican Tree.
Richard Mourdock God Intends RapePerhaps He also intended for her to get an Abortion?


Richard Mourdock Likes To Inflict His Opinions

Yet Another Reason Indiana Gets Such A Bad Name.


One China is EnoughOne China is Enough!


Pro-Life is more than just wordsPro-Life? It's more than just words.
Facts Do MatterThe Facts Do Matter
Sinking TitanicIf President Obama were in charge of the Life Boats on the Titanic... The Republicans would've stayed on the ship...
The Truth About ObamaThe Truth About President Obama
Mitt Romney going off the cliff - Debate #2This is what happens when you do your research watching FOX News.


Weeping, Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth.

He is the Commander In Chief


My Brother's Keeper He Made Me Get Medieval On His Ass
Not the sharpest pencil in the box
 A man is often known by the company he keeps



What do you believe?

Fruit from the poisonous tree?


What the Bible teaches about Mormonism

Mitt Romney - Human Chameleon


Liar, Liar, Pants on FIRE!
The Way of the Slave. Many are still on that path.
That Awful Moment
#1 American't
Capitalist no longer recruit and pay their labor force... They have them arrested!
Not Much Has Changed
Imagine his campaign if Mitt Drank?
Why Does God Need My Money?
   Wonder Why You Never Hear This In Church???
   Any Questions?

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  1. So many splelin earors…

    Irony: posting about false equivalency then posting several memes that do just that. Gotta love that self reflective humor. 🙂

  2. I wish you would have shared on facebook. Good work, I could have used some of the timely ones when they were more relevant.

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