Radical Republicans Carry On Osama’s Legacy

Radical Republicans Headerby Benjamin T. Moore, Jr.

If you believe the official account of the events on September 11, 2001, Osama Bin Laden masterminded a plan to bring this nation to its knees. We lost 2,978 innocent civilians on that day by conservative estimates. Because of this, we launched two wars, one in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. We’ve spent trillions of dollars, ruined our economy and sacrificed 10’s of thousands of the treasure of this nation. Thanks to certain Radical Republicans, it turns out, Osama could have been more effective by simply donating to one of several Republican “Super-PACs.”

Radical Republicans

I am old enough to remember the political parties before the Republicans lost their damn minds. No, I’m not going to play the false equivalence game and pretend to be “fair and balanced” like FAUX News. Sometimes, one of the two sides in a dispute is clearly and unequivocally wrong! I can recall when the Republicans believed in fiscal responsibility. Now they merely pay lip service to it. Republicans used to believe in smaller government. Now, they’re fascist.

“Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.”
Benito Mussolini

They care more about the wishes of the corporations who own them than they do about the actual constituents they purport to represent. The Republicans I remember growing up, tended to be against wars and if anything leaned towards “isolationism.” The radical Republicans of today, haven’t seen a seen a war they’re not in favor of.

The only things they’re not in favor of are the very things that would make this nation stronger, energy independent and would boost the standard of living and quality of life for United States citizens.

Radical Republicans were against bailing out our automotive industry. Think about this for a moment. During WWII, it was our automotive industry that tooled up to produce tanks, firearms and many of the necessities that made it possible for us to prevail. Were it not for the manufacturing base provided by our automotive industries, we all might well be speaking German today. That is, those of us left alive to live under a totalitarian dictatorship.

Radical Republicans - Detroit

Not the Detroit I remember.

Even if we ignore the national security implications, think of all the jobs that would have been lost. Not just the direct jobs lost because of factory closings, but all the additional downstream jobs in the companies that produce the products the automotive industries require. Think of the small businesses that depend on the people in communities who are employed by the automotive industry. Mitt Romney’s Op-Ed entitled, “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt,” should be instructional. Detroit has indeed gone bankrupt. Look at Detroit. It is rapidly spiralling down into a “3rd World” experience. This began when the automotive industries began pulling out and relocating. Trouble is, many of these manufacturing plants are now in communities all around the nation. Possibly there are a few employing people in your community. Had we taken the advice of the radical Republicans, you might have been surprised to find your own community looking like Detroit.

Radical Republicans Or Closet Terrorists?

Radical Republicans - Pear Harbor AttackWhat if a foreign power attacked the United States and killed 45,000 of our citizens? Men, women and children? I want you to actually consider this for a moment. What would you think ought to be done? When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 killing 2,402 of our sailors and wounding 1,247, we dove into WWII which resulted in nuclear weapons being used for the first – and hopefully the last – time in recorded history. When we were attacked on September 11, 2001, we counted 2,978 fatalities. We went to war with two nations – one of which had absolutely nothing to do with the attack – and spent trillions of dollars.

Yet, each year, 45,000 of our brother and sister American citizens die because they have no health insurance. That’s over 15 times the number of people we lost in the September 11 attacks… each year! Do you think we ought to do something about it? How can anyone claim to be a patriot and profess a love for this nation, be against a law that will potentially save 45,000 American lives? Radical Republicans are.

Radical Republicans make Osama Bin Laden look like a piker! He only murdered 2,978 of our citizens. The policy the Radical Republicans are doggedly pursuing will murder 45,000 of our citizens each year. We sent Seal Team 6 to get Osama. Who are we sending after these terrorists?

Backstabbing Our Troops The Radical Republican Forte`

Radical Republicans - Wounded Warriors

What about them? Can they stand a Government shut down?

If you’re old enough, you will remember when the Republican Party didn’t merely pay lip service to being pro-military. They actually respected and honored those who had served out country in uniform. Being a veteran put you at the head of the line for a job when you returned to civilian life. During the Vietnam war when there was a draft, many times employers would hold your job for you upon your return. Not so now. The families of many active duty soldiers depend on “food stamps” to feed their families during their loved one’s absence.

Radical Republicans in their zeal to stomp on minorities and people of color, are doing all they can to defund and under fund our food stamp safety net. Because of their policies, according to the Department of Defense, some 5,000 families of active duty servicemen will have their food stamps cut. Imagine what that does to the man or woman fighting in the field. How can he or she concentrate on their job while worrying about whether or not their children are going to bed hungry.

While we’re on the subject of hunger in America, 52.32 million people – 1 in 6 – many of them children, are struggling with hunger right here in this country which likes to boast of its “exceptionalism.” When Russian President, Vladimir Putin said that America was not exceptional, many of these same Radical Republicans took offense. Well damnit! The truth hurts doesn’t it?  How the Hell are we exceptional when 52.32 million of our citizens are going to bed hungry just like people in 3rd World Nations?

Radical Republicans - Bridge Collapse Minneapolis

The entire span of the Interstate 35W bridge collapsed in Minneapolis.

Our infrastructure is collapsing around our ears. We’ve got bridges all across this nation that have been marked as unsafe and closed. Some have even fallen down costing lives. We’ve got thousands of veterans, both men and women returning from war in need of jobs. Meanwhile, the House of Representatives under the leadership(?) of John Boehner have refused to pass a single jobs bill. They’ve refused to pass a single bill that would help our returning troops. Oh, by the way, they have voted to repeal Obama Care 41 times. They have caused the United States credit rating to be downgraded. At the time of my writing this, we’re headed for another Government shut down. Did I mention we have troops who are currently fighting a war? Might be nice if we paid them.

Who needs terrorist when you’ve got Radical Republicans doing everything in their power to destroy America. I’m sure Osama Bin Laden is spinning at the bottom of the sea saying, “Damn! If I’d only known!”

Mind Control – When Voices Are Real

mind_control_when_voices_are_real_headerby Benjamin T. Moore, Jr.

“I’ve been told, “much learning has made me mad.” I doubt that is true, since knowledge is relative. In the ocean of knowledge, my thimble is barely damp.” _Benjamin T. Moore, Jr.

Mind Control – The Early Years

Back in the early 50’s there was a top secret program known as “MKUltra.” You may have heard about it because it comes up regularly in so called “conspiracy circles.” Labels are such wonderful things! We can slap them on people, concepts and ideas and suddenly we know all there is to know about whomever and whatever is under our label. It is not unlike reading the cover of a book and pretending you know its contents.

MKUltra grew out of WWII. We employed some German scientist to bring us up to speed on projects that were already well under way at the close of the war. Ostensibly, the goals of the “program” were to break down human beings, modify and control their behavior by any means necessary. These means included but were not limited to, hypnosis, chemical, biological and radioactive exposure. Many of the test subjects were unwitting Canadian and United States citizens who were given LSD and other substances without their knowledge and then photographed and video taped in secret. Many test subjects died.

Mind Control - Ted Kaczynski

Ted Kaczynski – The Unabomber

The assassin of Senator Bobby Kennedy, Sirhan Sirhan was said to have been an MKUltra test subject. There is compelling evidence that Ted Kaczynski – the Unabomber – participated in the MKUltra experiments when he was at Harvard University in the 60’s. “The scope of Project MKUltra was broad, with research undertaken at 80 institutions, including 44 colleges and universities, as well as hospitals, prisons and pharmaceutical companies.”

Mind Control - Senator Frank Church

Senator Frank Church (D-ID)

The project came to light and was uncovered by the “Church Committee” in 1975. The project was promptly shut down and many documents were destroyed. Many say the project simply went deep underground, which does make sense. When you’ve invested that amount of time and money, you don’t stop because you get slapped on the wrists. Mind control technology and its perfection is something a certain group of people desperately want and in my opinion will stop at nothing to get. If you can control the minds of people without their knowledge, you in essence have the power of a god and humankind becomes your slaves.

Everything Evolves – Especially Technology

On August 7, 2013, Aaron Alexis told Rhode Island police that he was hearing voices. He further went on to say that he was experiencing microwave radiation pulses that were causing his body to vibrate. He indicated that these pulses and voices were coming through the walls, floors and ceiling of his room. As a result, he changed hotel rooms 3 times that night. A few days later he purchased the shotgun he would take to the Navy Yard.

Was he telling the truth? Is there any evidence that he might have been telling the truth? December 28, 1989 Oliver M. Lowery filed Patent No. 5159703. The abstract says it is for a “Silent Subliminal Presentation System.” Commonly known as “The Voice of God Technology,” this system can cause a person to hear voices and messages directly in their brain, bypassing their ears. You can’t stop it with earplugs or by burying your head under your pillows. The messages can be pre-recorded and played on a loop 24 hours, 7 days a week and depending upon where the signal is emanating from – satellite say – you cannot escape it. Once it is tuned to your brain waves, only you will hear the voices. People standing right next to you will hear nothing.

Mind Control - Old Skool Phone

Remember these? Wasn’t that long ago.

We know this technology is real. We know they have it. We know they’re a lot further along with it than this brief video presentation indicates. Think about cell phone technology. Back in the early 90’s, if you had a “bag phone” you had something. Then cell phones shrunk to the size of a brick with an antenna sticking out of it. Next we got the flip phones. “Beam me up Scotty!” We thought we had something then. Cell phones kept getting smaller and smarter and faster. Now we have cell phones with more computing power than all of NASA had when they sent men to the moon and brought them back. These phones slip quite nicely into a shirt pocket. They’ve got built in GPS, can take high definition videos and pictures. James Bond – Sean Connery – and Q would have turned in his bullet proof Aston Martin for one of today’s smart phones.

If cell phones have evolved in such a short time period, imagine what the technology to put voices into your head has become over roughly the same period. Get the point?

A Question Of Crazy

Yes, there are people who are actually suffering from actual chemical imbalances in the brain and who are legitimately diagnosed as being schizophrenic. The danger – this is what they’re counting on – is that anyone complaining of what seems to be symptoms associated with a commonly understood ailment will be assumed to be suffering from that ailment. Thus, what they’re doing becomes lost in the noise.

Mind Control - David Berkowitz Arrest.

Arrest of David Berkowitz – Son Of Sam Killer

So, the “Son Of Sam” says he hears “Satan’s Voice” and immediately we look at that ready made label and say, “crazy!” Aaron Alexis says he’s suddenly hearing voices and feeling what he called “microwave pulses” and thanks to that label we say, “crazy!” It’s so convenient. When you began to veer off the path and start to ask, why would he go and shoot a bunch of people who’d done nothing to him, someone will pull you back in line with a single word, “crazy!” The end result is, you will never get to the truth and perhaps the real villains will never be caught or punished. CRAZY!

Gun Control Unmasked

Gun Control Unmasked Headerby Benjamin T. Moore, Jr.

Gun Control Unmasked

This past week we’ve experienced yet another massacre caused by a deranged gunman. I probably don’t need to describe the event because it follows an all too familiar script. Madman gets gun. Madman goes to public building where the people are unarmed. Madman shoots as many as he is able. Madman dies before he can be examined or brought to trial.

Gun Control Unmasked - Aaron Alexis

Aaron Alexis

The case of Aaron Alexis and the Washington DC., Navy Yard shooting is still unfolding. The paucity of actual facts has not in any way inhibited intrepid reporters and pundits from filling dead air with their theories and conjectures. I am not purporting to give you the facts. From my perspective, we really don’t know the actual facts. Mr. Alexis – possibly because of his work in the computer technology field – had no Facebook or Twitter accounts. His LinkedIn page was deleted some time before the shooting. To put it mildly, the absence of the normally plowed information sources, has frustrated news reporters who have forgotten how to really research a story. That whole “burn the shoe leather” thing seems to have most of them perplexed.

What Has Been Reported Thus Far

The picture we’ve been given has all the familiar disturbing elements. Like Adam Lanza of the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting, we’ve been told that Aaron Alexis was being treated for PTSD he acquired when he was a volunteer, searching for survivors in the aftermath of the 911 attacks. Thus both were under some form of psychiatric care. Like Adam Lanza’s addiction to video games, we’ve been told that Aaron Alexis was addicted to violent “first person shooter” video games. Both Lanza and Alexis were found with 3 guns. In both instances, the gun which supposedly did the majority of the killing was a semi-automatic AR-15 assault style rifle.

Why Aren’t They Vilifying The AR-15 This Time?

Here is the point that is unmasking the entire “gun control” argument! You see, according to current reporting, Aaron Alexis went and legally purchased a 12 gauge shotgun. Evidently, he was following Vice President Joe Biden’s advice?

What did he do with it? He traded up! When he arrived at the Washington DC., Navy Yard, he used his shotgun to shoot the guard, then relieved him of his handgun and his AR-15 semi-automatic rifle. This is a common strategy used in many “first person shooter” video games. Kill your opponent, take his weapons. At this point, properly equipped for mayhem, Alexis commenced his rampage. Because of the policy of not allowing the people working in the Navy Yard to be armed, it was like shooting fish in a barrel.

Yes The NRA Is Crazy Too

Just this past week, Iowa gave a concealed carry permit to a blind man. Although I am definitely pro-second amendment and a strong advocate for gun rights… I do believe that whole “…shall not be infringed part.” Nevertheless, I tend to draw the line at people who are incapable of perceiving a “sight picture” carrying firearms. It was a golden opportunity for the NRA to express some rationality by addressing this issue in a mature and intelligent manner.

That said, unless you have training in “Special Ops” particularly, “Search and Destroy Combat Training,” had you been armed and at the Navy Yard that day, your best bet would have been to barricade yourself in as safe a place as possible and with gun in hand, wait for either the cavalry to arrive or for the shooter to come to you. Armed, at least you would have a fighting chance. It is not about being Rambo, it is about having a say in whether or not you’re a victim.

In Other News

Gun Control Unmasked - Times Square Shooting

Yes, the “walker” belongs to the victim.

This week two of “New York’s Finest” shot two innocent bystanders while shooting at an “emotionally disturbed” man who was running away from them. Why is it that Gun Control advocates who have touted the need to make ordinary citizens jump through all sorts of arbitrary training and licensing hoops, are mute about this case? Had this been some “gang bangers” doing a “drive-by” and shooting two innocent bystanders, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell would have been all over this ad nauseum. They both would have been banging their drums and ringing tambourines in their shamanistic rituals to conjure up the minor deities devoted to public disarmament. Unfortunately, they fail to realize those deities wear two hats. Their other hat identifies them as the demons of the totalitarian State.

This Is Gun Control Unmasked

The simple truth is, the ultimate objective of the “gun control” movement must be an outright banning of all firearms. Even those in the hands of our military and law enforcement officers. Guns are simply tools. Like any tool they may be misappropriated by people you never intended to have them. I close by leaving you with one of the best music videos Joe Biden was ever featured in. The musical version of his “buy a shotgun” advice. Enjoy!

GOP Shown To Be Keystone Cops By President Obama

Gallery - GOP Keystone Cops Memeby Benjamin T. Moore, Jr.

GOP Shown To Be Keystone Cops By President Obama

Somebody help me out here. Are the Republicans for war with Syria or against war with Syria? When it appeared that we might be dropping bombs on Syria all I heard from the Republican party was “Tyranny,” “Dictator,” “Impeachable Offense,” “Unconstitutional” and “Highly Illegal.”

Not surprising since they are functionally illiterate and don’t read their own resolutions… like the one the Congress signed stating that Syria’s possession and use of chemical weapons was against the “Interests of these United States.” Details, details, surely that was under a different President and it doesn’t matter now… Of course it does!

What A Difference A Day Makes

Now that President Obama’s pressure is forcing a diplomatic solution, Republicans again are outraged! They’re tripping all over themselves with no clear idea of what their stance should be. Did we drop the ball? Is Putin getting all the glory for brokering a peace? It would be simply hilarious if you didn’t stop and realize, these idiots are in a position where the safety and welfare of this nation depend on their having good judgement.

It’s a good thing they already have “Obama Care!” It will pay for the psychiatric help they need. What they’re suffering from is commonly known as Schizophrenia. They don’t know which of their multiple personalities to bring to the fore on this issue. You can see them moistening their fingers and putting them in the air to see which way the wind is blowing. When our children’s lives are at stake, whether I disagree with your ultimate conclusion or not… it would certainly be nice to know as an elected official, you made the best choice possible under the circumstance. Right now? Everything they do, they measure against their own personal political gain. That’s not putting country first.

Syria’s Consequences – The Obama Dilemma

Syria's Consequences - Obama's Dilemma Headerby Benjamin T. Moore, Jr.

We do not live in a world without consequences. Syria’s consequences for using chemical weapons needs to be quick, decisive and comprehensive. Had the world responded when Hitler invaded Poland, WWII may never have happened. If we do not learn from history, we will be doomed to repeat it. Everything has consequences. It is one of the universal laws that governs the Cosmos.

Not Just America’s Responsibility

[KJV] Proverbs 16:18 
Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.

Syria's Consequences - Super Power CertificateThe world has come to expect and rely on the United States taking a leadership role in solving International crises. In point of fact, we have encouraged, cultivated and taken pride in our status as the world’s lone “Super Power.”  The reality is, the American Empire has no clothes and the designation of “Super Power” is merely a certificate taxpayers can hang on their mental walls to help distract us from the reality that we’re paying through the nose to sustain nation States who would throw a party upon our demise.

Syria's Consequences - High Speed Rail

High Speed Rail?

Unless you have ambitions of conquest, you only need a military capable of defending your own borders from any reasonable threat. You do not need to be able to project power around the world. Because the United States has been so willing to do this – at a cost to its taxpayers – other nations have not seen the need to invest a lot of their money developing their own military/industrial complexes. Instead, many of these developed nations have spent their money on providing better healthcare to their citizens, improving their infrastructure with high speed rail and improving their educational systems.

Meanwhile, here in the land of the lone remaining “Super Power,” on a quiet night, you can hear us turning into a third world nation. Our infrastructure is collapsing. Our educational system is failing and our cities are quickly turning into sets for the casting of the next post apocalyptic movie. Put simply, we cannot afford to carry the rest of the world on the backs of the American taxpayer.

Syria’s Consequences

Thus far I have laid out what I believe to be a compelling case for us to stay out of Syria. Unfortunately, loath as I am to say it, this may be the exact wrong thing to do. World Wars occur when multiple nations are drawn into a conflict that began between two nations. In addition to bloodshed and destruction, war creates refugees. Displaced civilians fleeing the conflict. Where do these people go? They flood across the nearest borders into the surrounding nations creating a humanitarian crisis that in many cases, particularly now given the global economic state, these receiving nations are simply not financially equipped to deal with.

Syria's Consequences - Syrian Refugees

Syrian Refugees fleeing into Turkey

Refugees create economic and political crises for the nations surrounding the initial conflict. Suddenly, these nations now have a vested interest in the initial conflict and this creates a powder keg that often explodes. In addition to murdering hundreds of innocent men, women and children through the use of chemical weapons, the other result is, this act has exponentially increased the number of Syrian refugees flooding across the borders of the surrounding nations.

The Whole World Is A Stage

Guy walks into a bar spots a beautiful lady and propositions her. “Would you sleep with me for a million dollars he asks?” Without hesitation, “sure!” she says. “How about for twenty five dollars?” Indignantly, “what kind of a woman do you think I am?!?” “Well, we’ve already established that. Now we’re just haggling over price.”

Syria's Consequences - Kim Jong Un

“Dear Leader” of North Korea Kim Jong Un

Just like nuclear weapons, chemical weapons are weapons of mass destruction. Suppose the Assad Regime had detonated a small tactical nuke? Would it make a difference to you? Fundamentally it’s the same thing. Make no mistake about it, Iran is watching to see what happens and more importantly, North Korea is watching. Doing nothing may be the exact worst thing we can do. Why the worst thing? The world is a jungle that operates on the principle of “Survival Of The Fittest.” You are either predator or prey. If weakness is sensed, a predator can quickly become the prey.

When the United States and the rest of the world indicate that they have no stomach to enforce UN resolutions against the use of Chemical weapons, the hands of State sponsored terrorist are loosed.

Syria’s Consequences – Facing The Harsh Realities

The question is simple, but the answer is not. What do we do? The story is told that at the beginning of WWII, the German army had orders to fall back if they met even the least resistance invading Poland. Theoretically, a single 12 year old armed with a single shot .22 rifle could have stopped the entire German army by simply firing a shot in their direction.

Poland put up no initial resistance and 2.5% of the total global population or over 60 million deaths later, WWII came to an end. Dare we repeat this mistake again? If we refuse to learn the lessons of history, we certainly might.

Syria's Consequences - WWII Cemetery

WWII Cemetery

The world has changed. We are all connected in our global community. What happens in Vegas, doesn’t stay in Vegas. It can be known on the other side of the globe within seconds. Fear mongers have for some time been floating the notion of the United States going to war with China. Here’s why that won’t happen. First, China is holding a sizeable portion of the US debt. The last thing you want to do is harm the person who owes you money or from our perspective, we don’t want to blow up our bank. Second, the main export of the United States is food followed by technology. Taking out the United States would tip the world into global famine.

Of course, there are nations working on the problem of increasing their own domestic food supplies, but right now? The global community needs the United States in tact. The United States is the 3rd top oil producing nation in the world, behind Russia who is first and Saudi Arabia who is second. The bottom line is that WWIII even if no one launched a single nuclear device, would take most of the world back to the stone age. Nations not even participating in such a war would suffer from famine and economic collapse.

Syria's Consequences - Hurricane Katrina Refugees

Hurricane Katrina Refugees

The problem again is, if we do nothing our inaction may lead to the conflict spreading which would draw other nations into what might well turn into WWIII. Right now the United Nations puts the cost of the Syrian refugee crisis at about 3 billion dollars. If you live in the United States, it is easy to forget how hundreds of thousands of refugees would affect much smaller nation States. When hurricane Katrina devastated the gulf and Louisiana in particular, we had a lot of refugees. We looked like a 3rd World Nation. It took us a lot of time to sort things out. People were spending weeks in various sports stadiums and it wasn’t pretty. We were big enough and wealthy enough to absorb our displaced citizens – some were sent as far away as Alaska – but we still have not fully recovered to this date. Now imagine what it would be like for countries some of which are no larger land mass wise than some of our States.


I don’t know what we should do specifically and in particular, but I know we must do something. The longer this conflict continues, the more destabilized and dangerous the region becomes. The more dangerous the region becomes, the higher the probability it will lead to global calamity.