The United States Of Apartheid

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The United States of Apartheid

by Benjamin T. Moore, Jr.


Germany didn’t wake up one fine morning to discover they were under the dictatorship of Adolph Hitler. It was a gradual process. Hitler *seemed* quite sane with the best interests of Germany at heart. Hitler’s first act upon coming to power was not to open death camps. That came later. His was a subtle dance of seduction. Rarely does great evil spring upon a people full blown. It begins as a little cloud in the sky. The weather is beautiful a few days before a hurricane.

We are at a fork in the road. Fortunately, we have the advantage of being able to look at history. I personally do not believe in coincident. Everything that happens is the result of cause and effect. Often the *cause*is plotted and planned in dimly lit, cigar smoke filled rooms. The *effect* is designed to take you by surprise.

We need to decide what type of society we’re going to become. Those who are enlightened and evolved, care little about the ethnic designation of those in charge, we care only about their integrity and competence. We recognize the mutual commonality of humanity. We all share the same needs. Safety, opportunity, a clean environment and being able to educate our children such that each successive generation will surpass the last. We also care about the welfare of our fellowmen. We understand that as a society we are no richer than the poorest amongst us. For us to prosper, we all must prosper together.

Unfortunately, there exists a dark cabal who are more concerned with securing and maintaining power for those of their own ethnic designation. For them, power and control is the objective. If you’ve been paying attention, you can see them sliding the pieces in place to set up a society that does not represent the lofty goals, hopes and dreams of the majority of U.S. Citizens. Rather than pass a Jobs Bill to put people back to work rebuilding our infrastructure, they’d rather take another meaningless vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act which will provide health care for children and poor families. Rather than fund our system of education, they’d rather give away billions in subsides to oil companies that don’t need them.

Though we cannot see the wind, we can mark its passage by the leaves it blows and the grass it bends. Thus it is by looking at the areas receiving their most ardent focus, we can determine their true motives. Look. Pay attention and connect the dots.

Paula Deen – A Study In Hypocrisy

Paula Deen - Headerby Benjamin T. Moore, Jr.

This latest kerfuffle involving Paul Deen and the ubiquitous “N-Word” is a study in hypocrisy. Our feigned outrage over an old white lady from the deep South admitting during a deposition that at some point in her life, she’d referred to a Black person as a nigger, pushes the bounds of my patience to its point of breaking! Really??? The attorney might as well have asked her if she’d ever farted?

Lets be real for a moment. Is there any white person born and raised in the United States of America who can truthfully say, they’ve never in their entire life uttered the word “nigger?” If a white person reading this can truthfully make this claim, please send me an e-mail. I would dearly like to talk to you and learn the details of your upbringing.

Don’t get me wrong. In my youth, I integrated sever all white schools out on the west coast. It was my policy to beat the ass of any white person who called me a nigger. I once chased one little white boy six blocks, dragged him back out of his house and whipped his ass right in front of his mother and screaming sister. It is a word that should not be used.

Since then, I’ve had several white people who felt comfortable enough with me to ask the question so near and dear to most of their hearts. To wit: “We hear Black people using that word… why can’t we?”  My response? “You can… However, if I have one of my blackouts and come to stomping on your neck… you will forgive me won’t you?” That usually settles the matter.

All of this having been said, the facts of the matter are these. Mrs. Deen comes from an era and a geographic location where she was raised around people, and by people for whom that type of terminology was the norm. Who was going to sit her down in her youth and teach her that referring to Black people in that manner was wrong? Is how a child is raised the child’s fault or the parents fault? I do give Mrs. Deen credit for becoming more aware of right, wrong and what is acceptable in a civilized, multicultural society.

Eclipsing The Real Issue

The reason Paula Deen was being deposed had to do with a discrimination law suit involving an employee of color who has alleged racist behavior and abuse. Did it happen? I have no idea. However, I’ve been around the block enough times to know that just because someone alleges something in a law suit, doesn’t make it so. That is why we have trials and the presentation of evidence. Conversely, merely because someone uses the word “Y’all,” speaks with a southern drawl and admits to having used the word “nigger” in the past, doesn’t mean that they’ve treated an employee in a discriminatory manner. Let’s wait for the trial.

A Study In Hypocrisy

As of today, the Food Network has fired Paula Deen because she told the truth under oath and answered a question which might not have been allowed in open court for being overly broad and irrelevant. The rules for depositions are a lot more flexible. In court the only way an attorney could ask such a question would be if Paula Deen stated that she didn’t use that word. Then the question of whether or not she had ever used that word would become relevant.

Suppose the same question were posed to the attorney who asked it? What would he or she have said? Suppose that question were posed to the judge? What would she or he say? If every white person who has ever used the word nigger – in life – were taken off the air tomorrow, we’d be watching a blank screen and listening to a test tone.


When use of the “N-Word,” becomes the litmus test for racism, then ardent racist like Rush Limbaugh can claim to be non-racist because no one has yet to come forward to out him for having said it. White people who are comfortable with their separatist attitudes – many don’t realize they have them – are quick to seize on use of the “N-Word” as being the litmus test. “So long as I don’t say that word, I’m not a racist!” Thus they can support all manner of racist positions. The President is Kenyan. He wasn’t born here. He’s un-American, our economic woes are due to minorities on welfare… on and on.

Paula Deen – bless her soul – simply doesn’t get it. In truth, because of her history and upbringing, she may well be incapable of ever getting it. She’s not the problem. You can see her coming from a “Y’all” away. The problem is the corporate bigwigs that run corporations like the Food Network. They’re racist to their core. When Paula Deen started talking about the beauty of an “Old Southern Wedding” served by Black people dressed as Slaves, they should have cut ties with her back then. They might have said that her views were inconsistent with the audience they were trying to build and attract. They did not. They were comfortable chalking it up to her eccentricities. Why? Because for them, the litmus test for racism is use of the “N-Word.”

A white banker doesn’t have to call a black person applying for a loan a “nigger.” All he has to do is make sure he gets his loan at a higher interest rate. An insurance company doesn’t have to call a Black person a “nigger,” all they have to do is determine where minority communities are located and designate those areas for higher insurance rates. The company a Black person works for doesn’t have to call them a “nigger.” All they have to do is pay them less than the white person working beside them doing the exact same job. When we allow use of the “N-Word” to become the litmus test for racism, we are deluding ourselves about reality and the way the world works.

Original Sin – Mind Control Through Mythology

Original Sin Headerby Benjamin T. Moore, Jr.

 “Before you can get someone saved, you must first get them lost.”

The entire Christian message, hinges on the doctrine of “Original Sin.” If you’ve ever been “buttonholed” by some Christian on the street engaging in what they call, “witnessing,” within the first moments of your encounter, they started out by quoting one of several passages from their Bible – Scriptures – pointing out that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

Original Sin - Hell Forever And Ever

Death is too easy. You’ve got to suffer forever.

The next step in their parade, is to convince you of just how terrible and serious this is. Whether you know it or not, there’s this “all powerful being” just waiting to squash you like a bug, turn you into asbestos and then throw you into a fire that burns for all eternity… but he loves you! I admit the cognitive dissonance is a bit much, but for their program to work, it is necessary that you hold these two mutually exclusive positions in your mind.

It gets worse. Suppose you’re living a perfectly good life… even by their rather flexible standards. You’re not a liar or a cheat. You’re paying your taxes. You donate to charities. You’re volunteering perhaps mentoring youth or caring for seniors. Not to worry, they’ve got a cake baked just for you. They’ll tell you all these things don’t matter. You’re a sinner not because of anything you’ve done. You’re a sinner because of what Adam did! Say what? Yes, Adam!

Original Sin - Mayhem Was In The Garden

There’s your problem! It was Mayhem!

It all goes back to that fateful day in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve took a bite from some fruit they were not supposed to eat. Of course, you had nothing to do with that. However, God whom really, really loves you… and evidently hates you at the same time, can hardly wait to burn you for all eternity, not because of something you did, but because of something Adam is supposed to have done. Did I mention? God is also just and righteous! Don’t try and make any sense of of this because there is none. You’ll see why as we continue.

Fall Of Man Or Ascent Of Man?

Let’s suppose temporarily, for the sake of discussion that there actually was a Garden of Eden. The problem is, all of these events would have occurred thousands of years before the development of writing. Thus the story – if it occurred – would of been handed down via word of mouth generation after generation after generation. If you’ve ever played the “Telephone Game,” you know that after one or two people, the original message becomes garbled. Now multiply that by numerous generations and you get my point.

We have no way of knowing what if anything was said, to whom and by whom. We have no way of knowing what was done or not done by any of the players. Was it a fruit that was eaten or was the talking Serpent really a phallic symbol and the forbidden fruit sex? We do not know. Just because a large number of people believe something doesn’t make it true. At one time, the majority of the world’s population believed that the Earth was flat and that the Sun orbited the Earth. They were wrong.

Oft times back then, stories were told not so much to give a factual account of history, but rather to convey a principle or a moral from generation to generation. The minute details of the story were inconsequential. The important information was encoded into the story at much higher level.

Original Sin - The Ascent Of Man

The Ascent of Man?

Thus, someone enlightened hearing the story of the events in the Garden of Eden, might actually find a record of the ascension of human development. We began as gathers. Hence the Garden setting. We were naked and subsisted by picking fruit off trees and eating berries. What’s the next thing that happened after eating the forbidden fruit? We realize our nakedness and God kills animals to make skins so we can clothe our nakedness. Hence, we go from eating nuts and berries to hunting and eating meat.

Abel represents the next step. He represents our nomadic herdsman period. Just as today, in various parts of the world, people live off and follow their herds. The Laplanders survive off their reindeer herds. In Africa there are tribes that follow their herds of cattle. The problem with the nomadic lifestyle, although enjoyable, it precludes real technological progress. You cannot build cities if you have to pick up and follow your herd to the next greener pasture.

Cain was a farmer. Farming is hard work. However, through farming, harvesting and storing food, you now have the possibility to subsist in one location. You don’t have to live in tents and be ready to move at a moment’s notice. You can build long lasting structures. You can develop and build a specialized society. People can learn to work metal. People have time to develop a system of education. Thus, as Cain slew his brother Abel, so too did farming put an end to the nomadic lifestyle based on following the herd. All this information is encoded into the first few chapters of Genesis. It is not written on the lines but between the lines.

Original Sin – Mind Control Through Mythology

Original Sin - Gun On A TableThe real sin in the story of the Garden of Eden is the insulting depiction of God. I have a two year old granddaughter. If I left a cocked and loaded handgun lying on the coffee table and left the room… even if I told her not to touch it in the most unambiguous and emphatic terms possible, when she picked it up, as she surely would, whom would be responsible when the gun went off? Me or her?

In for a penny, in for a pound! Most Christians at this point will want to ascribe to Adam knowledge and abilities that are not in evidence. Had Adam ever seen anything die? Did Adam have any idea what death was? Telling Adam that he would surely die might not have meant much.

Then there’s this whole “Good and Evil” problem. Prior to eating the fruit, Adam had no concept of Good or Evil. Hence, he wouldn’t have known that God is good and equally important, he wouldn’t have known that the Serpent and what the Serpent was telling him was evil. Adam, according to the Christian theological position, was in a state of perfect innocence. If you saw a snake in a tree, you’d back off immediately. If that snake began talking to you, Bible stories notwithstanding, you’d run like Hell! Why? Because you would know it wasn’t natural. Neither Adam nor Eve possessed those innate survival instincts or inhibitions. They were like innocent two year-olds in the bodies of adults.

Original Sin - Baby And Snake

This could end poorly!

This brings us to the next point. If God knows all things and knows the “end from the beginning…” and If God is all places, then God would have to have known that the Serpent was in the playpen. What parent would put his baby in a playpen, then watch as a venomous cobra wound it’s way through the bars? Furthermore, what parent would then punish his child for getting bit? The entire story begins to fall apart… unless of course God is not all powerful and not all knowing and not omnipresent.

This brings us to yet another “sticky wicket.” What if it was all God’s plan to begin with? Possible. However, now you have God punishing mankind for going along with his plan. See the problem?

Passing Down Sin

Remember, the entirety of Christian theology depends upon everyone being born a “sinner” because of what Adam did. Of course if Christians actually would read their Bibles, they would see that this is false.

[KJV] Ezekiel 18:20
The soul that sinneth, it shall die. The son shall not bear the iniquity of the father, neither shall the father bear the iniquity of the son: the righteousness of the righteous shall be upon him, and the wickedness of the wicked shall be upon him.

There you have it! This passage right here is the death knell for the Doctrine of Original Sin. You don’t inherit the sins of your father and that of course means, you cannot inherit the sin of Adam.

Original Sin - Jesus TeachingNowhere in Jesus’ recorded words in the Gospels, does he ever say or imply that his mission is to right the wrong and undo what Adam did. Nowhere! In fact the name “Adam” only appears one place in the Gospels. Luke 3:38 gives the genealogy of Jesus tracing all the way back to Adam. If Jesus’ entire mission, the reason he came to Earth was to be the ultimate sacrifice and die to fix the original sin of Adam, you’d think he might have mentioned it. That would be a pretty important point for him to overlook mentioning it. Surely he would have shared his mission, his purpose with his Disciples… at least one of them. Perhaps Peter?

The entire doctrine of “original sin” comes from Paul. Paul never met Jesus, was never taught by Jesus and quite frankly, not to put too fine a point on things… Paul was a liar and a false Apostle. If you doubt this, read Revelation 2:1-2. Then ask yourself if you know of anyone other than Paul claiming to be the Apostle to the Ephesian Church.

Mind Control

Original Sin - Mind ControlDespite what you’ve seen in science fiction movies or in the performances of Stage Hypnotists, mind control is actually a lot more subtle than what you may have been led to believe. It all begins by planting suggestions and building on those suggestions. For instance, right now your nose is itching. We are all susceptible to suggestions to varying degrees. Nose not itching? Give it a minute. It will. By telling you what I’m doing I’m letting you off the hook. This is just in fun. It doesn’t matter if your nose itches are not. The more you fight it the more annoying the itch will become. The human mind is a marvel.

Try this, next time you’re in a group, clear your throat loudly and then count how many people begin clearing their throats as well. This also works with yawns. Yawns are extremely contagious. These are simple things you can have fun testing. However, what about our core beliefs? It turns out that we are even more susceptible to manipulation when someone accesses a button we’ve already developed a preconditioned response to.

This is one of the reasons I have asked, “how can you judge someone who was raised in an Islamic, Buddhist or even a Pagan home?” We are born with a blank slate. Our parents begin writing on that slate from the moment of our birth. As children we have yet to develop the analytical skills that allow us to determine what is reality. This is when the indoctrination begins. The foundation upon which the rest of our life is built, is laid in our childhood. If you’ve been raised in the “West,” more like than not you’ve been indoctrinated to have a predisposition to believe in Christianity.

Original Sin - Jehovah's WitnessesWhat happens when someone begins pushing these buttons? You’ve already been raised to believe that the Bible is the “Word of God.” You’ve been taught not to doubt or question. If they come to you and begin quoting or referencing certain Bible passages, you’re predisposed to give what they’re saying more weight. Naked human beings who didn’t know they were naked? Talking snakes? Forbidden fruit? Under normal circumstances, you’d ask someone what they’d been smoking! However, because of the triggers planted in your youth, you’re predisposed to believe whatever is written in the Bible. If someone tells you you’re “lost,” you’re “lost!” It’s just that easy.

[KJV] Mark 2:17
When Jesus heard it, he saith unto them, They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick: I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance

Here you have it! According to Jesus, not everyone is a sinner. Some people are righteous. When a proselytizer approaches you to “witness” to you. They never leave it with your accepting Jesus as your personal saviour and accepting his substitutionary death for your sins. Fellowship is the flip side of the salvation coin. Now you need to join a Church… their Church! You will quickly discover there is more to your salvation than merely accepting Jesus. There’s paying tithes – 10% of your income – and giving in the offerings. Matter of fact, if you don’t pay your tithes, you’ll discover that your salvation might not be assured. Yes, it seems heaven has its price too.

So, whom are you going to believe? The recorded words of Jesus or someone who has a financial interest in your joining their Church? The doctrine of Original Sin is Mind Control Through Mythology. Churches have become huge corporate interests who profit from your belief in their message. Everything is designed to control your mind. From the Church building, to the music to the message. It is designed to not only lead you to the altar, but to open your wallet. You need to be aware of whom is pushing your buttons and why.

DNA Apocalypse – Scalia Gets It Right.

DNA Apocalypse - Headerby Benjamin T. Moore, Jr.

DNA Apocalypse - Mayan Calender

Mayan Calender

As a rule, I am not moved by the prophets of doom who quite regularly predict the end of the world, the second coming of Christ or whom point to such historical artifacts as the “Mayan Calender.” When you carve a calender in stone, you’re going to run out of rock sooner or later. Not to mention, the Mayans didn’t see the Spanish coming.

However, just the other day, something happened that actually caused me to entertain the possibility that I may need to reconsider. We just might be living at the “End Of Days.” I’m talking about the recent Supreme Court case upholding the right of the police to collect DNA from people who they’ve arrested but have yet to be convicted of any crime.

Needless to say, I believe the Court to be in error. The ruling allows a grievous invasion of privacy and violates 4th Amendment protections against unreasonable searches and seizures. However, my views notwithstanding, what caused a disturbance in the Force – to borrow a Star Wars phrase – was that Justice Antonin Scalia came down on the right side of the issue and actually wrote the dissenting opinion with the three other liberal Justices!

DNA Apocalypse - Clarence Thomas

Clarence Thomas is of NO value!

For me, it was not unlike awaking to discover that while I slept, the Sun had started rising in the West and setting in the East! After this, all it would take to have me dispose of my possessions, put on a robe of sackcloth, cover my face in ashes, wear a placard and begin passing out tracts announcing the “End Of The World,” would be for Clarence Thomas to speak up in deliberations and actually make an intelligent contribution to the discussion.

DNA Apocalypse

The reality is, we are living in an extremely dangerous time. Our technology has far outstripped our morality, our laws and our spiritual development. One of the most profound discussions on this issue, believe it or not, is contained in a movie. A work of science fiction. Yet, the truth spoken rises to the level of prophetic.

We’re so preoccupied with whether or not we can do something, we forget to consider whether or not we should! The field of genetic engineering through the manipulation of DNA poses an even greater risk to life on this planet than the threat of “Global Thermal Nuclear War.” I am not being melodramatic when I say we could be facing an imminent DNA Apocalypse.

DNA Apocalypse - Dead Bee

If the Bees go, we’re next!

Each year we’re losing 1/3 of our honey bees in what they’ve termed Colony Collapse Disorder. I suppose it is less threatening when you simply refer to it as “CCD.” Makes it sound like a computer chip in a video camera. Thus you can talk about it and most people won’t even know what you’re talking about. You should be afraid… very afraid! Bees are our pollinators. They are necessary for many of the fruits, nuts and vegetables we rely on for sustenance. When the Bees go, we’ll be right behind them.

DNA Apocalypse - MonsantoWhy are they dying? Again, like the Global Warming debate, we pretend that nobody knows. They’ll talk about correlation not equalling causality. However, you can trace the genesis of this problem back to Monsanto and other firms coming out with genetically designed crops that will grow in chemically treated soil. This chemical treatment kills weeds and bugs. Let me take this further. The pesticide is in the crop and when a bug eats it, it dies. Would you spray your food with Raid or Black Flag and then eat it? In essence this is what you’re doing when you consume genetically modified food or “GMOs” as they’re called. These chemicals are collecting and concentrating in your body.

There is little doubt in my mind that many of these new chronic ailments we’re being bombarded with commercials from our friendly pharmaceutical industry about, are directly related to all these genetically modified foods. I try and eat organic whenever possible. Even organic milk tastes different. The first time I drank a glass of organic milk, I exclaimed, “this is what milk used to taste like!”

DNA Apocalypse – The Darker Side

DNA Apocalypse - Chemtrails

You should look up sometime…

Our military industrial complex explores the weaponization of all new technologies. DNA technology is no different. What if there was a way to design a disease with your name on it? It would be the perfect assassination tool. Keyed specifically to your DNA, one of those planes you see, spraying “chem-trails” could fly over the city where you live and within a few days you’d become sick and die. Perhaps some of your family members who shared a similarity in DNA would get the sniffles, but that would just provide cover for the true target… you! Guess what, it’s already here!

DNA Apocalypse - DNA strandRight now the Secret Service guards the President’s DNA. Our clandestine services have also made a point of collecting the DNA of every Head Of State they can get their hands on. Suppose Hitler had access to this technology? What do you think “the mapping the human genome project” is really about? What if someone decided to create a virus that only pure blood white people would be immune to? For one, they’d be surprised because the human race is now so mixed, many people who believe they’re Caucasian or African or Asian really have a genetic signature that includes numerous other races.

DNA Apocalypse - Dr. Henry Louis GatesDr. Henry – Skip – Gates has a project to help people find their ancestry using their DNA. All his life he has believed that he is Black and believed he would find the most significant of his families origins in Africa. Much to his surprise, according to his DNA he is 51% Caucasian and his roots trace back most directly to Ireland. You just never know.

DNA Apocalypse – Unimpeachable Evidence

DNA Apocalypse - Fingerprint CardWe all have watched CSI or one of its numerous variants. DNA evidence is the “gold standard.” Or is it? NEWS FLASH!!! Evidence can be planted. We have had cases where police departments planted fingerprint evidence. Even government agencies such as the CIA have been caught red handed planting finger print evidence. Guess what! It is even easier to collect your DNA without your knowledge and plant it.

DNA Apocalypse - Computer Keyboard Dump

It’s just this easy!

Do you work at a computer terminal? All I need to do is take a sheet of cellophane, spread it out, take your keyboard, turn it upside down over the cellophane and give it a tap. All sorts of debris with your DNA will be collected on that sheet of cellophane. Comb your hair in the bathroom during the day? All I have to do is follow you in and pick up a few of your hairs off the floor.

Whether or not you believe O.J. Simpson murdered his ex-wife and Ron Goldman, the reason he was acquitted of those crimes was because the L.A.P.D. were caught in the act planting blood evidence. Most people didn’t actually get to watch the entire trial gavel to gavel. I actually did.

DNA Apocalypse - Blood Vial

When they’ve got your blood… they own you!

The lead homicide investigator, after blood was drawn from O.J. down at the police station, instead of walking it down the hall and checking it in as evidence, put the vial in his pocket and took it back to Simpson’s home. They got caught by their own police photographer. He had taken pictures of the foyer earlier and there clearly was no blood on the floor. A few hours later he was asked to take additional pictures of the area and suddenly two small drops had appeared.

Yes, you really should be concerned about the police collecting your DNA! Damn! It is frightening when Antonin Scalia gets it right!

DOJ Media Probe – Why We Don’t Care.

DOJ Media Probe Headerby Benjamin T. Moore, Jr.

trea·son (noun)

1. Violation of allegiance toward one’s country or sovereign, especially the betrayal of one’s country by waging war against it or by consciously and purposely acting to aid its enemies.

DOJ Media Probe - Koch Brothers

Charles and David Koch

It is very disheartening to realize that effectively, there is very little difference between the Koch brothers and those who own and run our media outlets. In both cases you have extremely wealthy people who have agendas and the means to pursue those agendas in a manner that excludes competing viewpoints. Yes, everyone has a voice. However, when you’ve got wealth, you have a megaphone that allows you to shout down competing positions.

DOJ Media Probe - Cable News NetworksWe recently became aware that the Department of Justice obtained the phone records of reporters working for the Associated Press. If you had asked me to speculate on the odds of Fox News, Huffington Post and MSNBC all being in agreement on an issue, I’d of put those odds right about even with Hell freezing over. Imagine my surprise when I awoke one fine day to discover that all the News channels were in complete agreement on an issue.

DOJ Media Probe - Attorney General Eric Holder

Attorney General Eric Holder

Any issue that could make Fox News and MSNBC see eye to eye, simply demanded further investigation. Even more so as more and more media outlets began to pile on. As usual – for Fox – their target was Attorney General Eric Holder. I will admit, based on the reporting it was disturbing to think that the Federal Government would acquire the confidential work product of renowned news reporters… in secret!

Having been burned a time or two, I’ve learned to look prior to leaping based on some media outlet’s say so. What I discovered was shockingly simple. Contrary to the impressions being spread, there was good reason for what was done and it was in fact a matter of National Security.

There is a distinct difference between a “whistle blower” speaking in confidence to our “free press” and someone using the press to reveal “Top Secret” information. Information, that once revealed would weaken our nation, put at risk the lives of those who work with our assets on foreign soil and ultimately put at risk the lives of Americans right here at home.

DOJ Media Probe

DOJ Media Probe - Underwear Bomber

Underwear Bomber

Most of you will recall the “Underwear Bomber.” What most do not realize is how close he came to succeeding. Unlike the “Shoe Bomber” who paused to say his prayers first, allowing enough time for a vigilant Stewardess to “Cold Cock” him before he could put a match to the fuse of the bomb hidden in his shoes, the “Underwear Bomber” was successful in setting off his device. Fortunately for everyone on that plane, rather than detonate as planned, it simply burst into flame, burning severely some rather sensitive portions of his anatomy.

DOJ Media Probe - Anwar Al-AwlakiThe people we’re at war with, are not stupid. They analyse what went wrong, and seek to improve their devices for their next attempts. It turns out, we were fortunate enough to capture and get our hands on one of their new and improved devices. It was whisked to our labs over here for examination and analysis. The “intel” from that device would have given us a lot of information. How their bomb making techniques have improved. What chemicals they’re currently employing. How they’re triggering the new device and most importantly, whether or not our current security protocols and technology would be able to catch these new devices.

"DOJ Media Probe - FBI Crime Lab

FBI Crime Lab

That information is only good so long as “They” don’t know we’re on to them. Nobody with the clearances to even know we had one of their devices, nobody with the clearances to analyze their device, should be spilling the beans to ANYBODY, let alone a reporter(s) working for an international news agency.

When the DOJ read the AP article in March of 2012 outlining the operation, stating that our CIA had seized the device and that it was being examined and analysed by the FBI, as you might imagine, there was an immediate investigation launched behind the scenes. This was information that had to of come from an inside source.

DOJ Media Probe - Espionage

We’re talking about espionage.

When people make honest mistakes, they do not seek to cover their tracks. Clearly whomever leaked the information was not an amateur nor was his or her leaking of the information accidental. If it had been, they would have discovered the person responsible and dealt with them. The “DOJ Media Probe” is mute testimony to the serious nature of this situation. They had to approach it from the media end and work backwards. Now they’ve got a double headed situation. If they’d walked through the front door of the Associated Press and made their request. The reporter may have tipped off his or her source that they were on to him. This may have provided time for the destruction of evidence and possible escape. They needed to know whom was in contact with the Associated Press. Someone who would also have had access to, or the security clearance high enough to have access to sensitive information at that level.

Yes, the DOJ Media Probe truly is a matter of national security. This has nothing to do with “Whistle Blowers” or weakening the First Amendment protections of our “Free Press.” This truly is a matter of National Security. It is important to note, the DOJ actually showed an amazing amount of restraint. They could have easily seized AP offices around the country, put everyone out, padlocked the doors and then combed through all of their files at their leisure. Instead, they did not even record the contents of the conversations of the AP reporters, they simply made a log of whom they were talking to.

Media Reaction

This entire scenario has given us a wonderful insight into what is wrong with our “for profit” News outlets. At one time they taught in journalism classes, the goal of any news report is to answer four questions:

  1. Who?
  2. What?
  3. When?
  4. Where?

A Journalist adds one more question, “Why?” No opinions, just the facts as you know them to be. The Newspapers did add Opinionated Editorials which we abbreviate as “Op-Eds.” These were entertaining and provided food for thought, but we understood these were the opinions of the writer and not necessarily based in fact. We weighed them as such and there was no attempt to pawn these off as “News.” They even had their own section in the Newspapers.

DOJ Media Probe - Andy Rooney

The late, great Andy Rooney

Today we have opinion masquerading as news! Andy Rooney’s segment at the end of “60 Minutes” was an Op-Ed. He made no bones about it. Everyone understood that Andy was not reporting on the News. FOX News, MSNBC and CNN have more “Op-Ed” shows than they do actual News shows. When it comes to actual News, I’d give the edge to CNN. The other networks are basically all opinion unless there is an actual breaking story unfolding. Even then, most often they fill empty air with “talking heads” who proffer their opinions about what is unfolding. It’s all entertainment.

Proof There Is Really Little Difference Between The Networks

The DOJ Media Probe has certainly provided proof that there is really no difference between the major Cable News outlets and many of the Printed and Electronic Media outlets. If any of them had gone back to the fundamentals of News Reporting and Journalism, the whole DOJ Media Probe wouldn’t have been much more than a 5 minute piece. Who? What? When? Where? Why?

The true story had nothing to do with the DOJ Media Probe. The true story was whether or not one of their own was complicit in treason? Isn’t it interesting that they all seem to be ignoring this angle of the story? It is this very uniformity in their approach that gives cause for pause and raises one’s suspicions. When News Agencies who have a track record of disagreeing on almost every issue they focus on, suddenly line up and fall in step? That’s not just unusual, that’s like waking up tomorrow to discover that the Sun is now rising in the West and setting in the East. You might want to seriously examine, what happened over night while you were sleeping.

Mind Control And Media Manipulation

DOJ Media Probe - Mind ControlMost people never stop to realize that one of the most powerful tools of mind control and manipulation is the News Media! You turn on your television each evening and you’re not only being told what is important, but what you should think about it. The world is a big place. History is being made around the globe everyday. There simply is not enough time to cover everything. Thus, someone has to go through, pick, choose and aggregate what should or should not be covered. This is where the mischief begins.

No problem! We all agree this is necessary. However, have you ever wondered whom decides what is presented? What criteria do they use? Take the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting for instance. Absolutely tragic. The liberal media – MSNBC in particular – have used this tragedy as an excuse to run anti-gun pieces night after night after night. Almost each show on MSNBC devotes some portion of its time to beating the drum for gun control. It’s no longer news. Anybody who was interested or not, now knows everything that happened surrounding the shooting. Well, the official story at least.

DOJ Media Probe - Mind Control RepetitionHow many children died? Around 20? Presumably, it is out of concern for the children that MSNBC, night after night, like a broken record on a record player you cannot unplug, gives all it’s viewers their daily overdose of anti-gun medicine. Clearly they’re no longer reporting the news. They’re not even engaging in legitimate “opinionated editorials.” What they’re endeavouring to do is manipulate society and cause it to move in the direction that they have chosen. Incessant repetition is one of the main tools of brain washing.

Why do I call this, “attempted societal manipulation?” If MSNBC or for that matter, any of the Cable News Outlets were really concerned about children, they’d be discussing the nearly 20,000 children that die every single day because of starvation or treatable disease. Every day, 1,000 times more children die than were murdered in Sandy Hook Elementary school. Yet, not a peep from the liberal media. By way of analogy, it’s like someone on the Titanic complaining about a leaky faucet in their Stateroom.

Either you care about children or you do not. MSNBC’s hypocrisy knows no bounds or, what they’re actually doing is using their platform to advance an agenda. In this, they’re no different than the Koch brothers or other monied interests on the “Right” who use their wealth to buy elections and purchase politicians. The end objective is exactly the same. Subvert democracy and shape society to their liking. Perhaps it is because the nearly 20,000 children who are dying are not white? Maybe it’s because they weren’t shot with a semi-automatic rifle? Maybe somehow they’re less dead because they weren’t shot?

Why We Don’t Care About The DOJ Media Probe

I am happy to report that as of today, the American people have not completely succumbed to the mind control methods being employed against them. Based on the polling, we get it! The American people know that one of the primary functions of government is to provide for the safety and welfare of the American Citizens. When a News Agency begins to publish top secret information that could ultimately cause the deaths of innocent American Citizens, we not only expect our government agencies to take action, we demand that they do.

DOJ Media Probe - Associated PressIf anything, the Justice Department under Attorney General Eric Holder, may have shown too much restraint. By giving a “heads up” to the terrorist, the Associated Press may have caused the bomb makers to refine their methods and technologies such that their next attempts will meet with success. The blood of all the innocent victims of the next attacks, will be laid at the doors of the Associated Press.