Christianity And Modern Black Enslavement

Christianity and Modern Black Enslavement Headerby Benjamin T. Moore, Jr.

A Brief Glimpse Inside A Black Church

Black Church Service

Black Church Service

If you’ve ever attended a “Black Church,” you know that in almost every service they set aside a portion for what is called “testimony service.” For those of you that don’t know, this is a specially set aside portion of the service where members in the congregation, rise to their feet and wait to be recognized by whomever is leading the service. When recognized they relate something they believe God has done for them over the past week, or at least, since the last time they had the opportunity to “testify.”

There are some who have developed what may only be described as a “Testimony Template.” It goes something like this:

“First giving praise and honor to my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who is the head of my life…” What follows next is their “testimony.” It might be how they were sick, prayed and got better, or how they didn’t have the money to pay a bill that was due and almost miraculously they acquired the money. It could be about some problem they were having on their job, you name it. I’ve even heard of broken washing machines that miraculously began to work again. The testimony ends with some version of the following: “I ask the Saints to pray my strength in the Lord, I started with Jesus and I am determined to go through!”

Personally I always wondered, with all the starving children in the world, and with Jesus being recorded as expressing a great deal of concern for little children, why Jesus would be fixing washing machines and paying bills while children were starving and dying from disease and malnutrition? But that’s just me.

If we were to break down the formula for the “Testimony Template,” you have the supplication, you could call it the flattery part. This is where in almost medieval terms, the “Patents of Nobility” are recited for Jesus. “Lord and Saviour,” “head of my life” are terms that exalt Jesus while abasing the person giving the testimony. You will also hear these in prayers often given by preachers in what I call “The Grand Eloquent Introduction.” There is almost a competitive spirit as each one tries to out do the other in the art of flattering God. Here’s an example of how one such prayer might begin:

Black Preacher Praying

Yet another “Grand Eloquent Introduction.”

“Oh most gracious and heavenly Father, the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last. Thou who spoke creation into existence, thou who stands outside of time yet reached into time to make manifest thy majesty. Oh God, heavenly father, master of the infinities, thou who stretched forth thy hand and caused life to spring forth…” 

This can go on for as long as the preacher can keep the polysyllabic superlatives flowing. You will notice that much use is made of the “King James English.” I suppose God appreciates that archaic lilt when being addressed. Of course I would be extremely surprised and more than a little disappointed to think that God could be moved by human flattery.

Jesus Whipping The Money Changers

Regardless of the context, a whip in Jesus hand is powerful iconography.

Indeed what we have is the anthropomorphising of God. We assume that God will be moved by the flattering compliments that work on our fellow human beings. Hidden deep in this process is the implicit separation between Man and God. God is placed a top a rocket of archaic prose and flung high into the outermost reaches of deep Space, while Man is diminished to the lowest most abject recesses of the Earth. The Gulf is truly staggering. God is the Master and Man will forever be the Slave, to be used and disposed of as God sees fit.

The irony for those who subscribe to the Christian faith is, this is exactly the opposite of the message of Jesus. When you distil the message of Jesus and his stated mission down to it’s bare essence. Jesus came to bring “atonement”  – At-One-Ment – between God and mankind. Yet, in almost any Christian church around the world, you will hear time and again how wretched and worthless human beings are and how majestic God is. Within the Black Church over and over again, you will hear Black people referring to Jesus as their “Master.”

If we want to put this phenomenon in the best light possible, we could chalk it up to cultural ignorance. Indeed, in the Gospels Jesus is frequently referred to as “Master.” However, in the context of that culture and time period, “Master” meant “Teacher.” It did not infer the relative relationship between a slave and a slave owner. Given the history of the African Slave Trade in the Americas, while many Black Christians may know this intellectually, viscerally there is over 430 years of psychological “baggage” that makes it difficult to separate the term’s connotative meaning from it’s denotative meaning.

The Devil

The Devil attends Church quite regularly.

Thus, when they accept Christ as their “Lord and Master” they are psychologically embracing a slave mentality that makes them ripe for exploitation. How so? I can truthfully say during my 30 year church period, not once did Jesus ever show up physically or manifest in the flesh… met the Devil quite a few times, but Jesus? No. Jesus was always there invisibly and by proxy. The proxy for Jesus is the Pastor who claims to be delivering “the Word of God” or in essence, speaking for Jesus. By extension the Pastor then becomes the “Master.”

Paula White's Rolls Royce

Televangelist Paula White’s Rolls Royce in front of her Italian home

This earthly, human master doesn’t want them to pick cotton or plant fields, but he/she does want money. Lots of money! “Blessed Assurance” has become Blessed Insurance and the premiums on that policy are high! Tithes – 10% of your gross, some churches require a copy of your W-2 – offerings, “give as unto the Lord.” “Give until it hurts.” “Building fund” contributions. I know of some churches who collected building fund donations and never built anything for over 20 years.

Creflo Dollar's Private Jet

Pastor Creflo Dollar’s Private Jet

Let us not forget, “Pastor’s appreciation” contributions. Most Black churches once a year hold a week long fund raiser to commemorate their Pastor coming to their church and there is always an extremely large cash gift for their pastor. This is on top of his weekly salary and whatever other costs the church covers. Often this includes his house or a portion of his mortgage payment, his car and whatever else he negotiated when he took the job. As I heard one Pastor say, “I’m in God’s business and God’s business is booming!” For him, I’m sure it is.

Is Christianity Good For Black People?

Pope Nicholas V

Pope Nicholas V

Given that the African Slave Trade was initiated and blessed by the Catholic Church, the easy answer would have to be a resounding NO! In 1452 Pope Nicholas V issued his “Papal Bull” known as “The Dum Diversas.” This document gave permission to the kings of Spain and Portugal to go into Africa, seize the land, the possessions of and the people themselves and reduce them to perpetual slavery. For the first time in human history, chattel slavery was being practiced. It was being practiced against Africans and in the Americas.

Slaves In Chains

Definitely Not Good For Black People

Let me expand on chattel slavery. Prior to Pope Nicholas’ Papal Bull, slavery had been practiced at various times by various peoples throughout history. However, Slaves had rights and slavery wasn’t permanent. You could not be born a slave. Under Chattel slavery, the Slave was no different than livestock. Slavery was permanent and if you had children – intentionally or otherwise – your children would be born slaves. Think about that for a moment. There is a direct parallel with the Christian doctrine of being born into sin and being literally born into slavery. Getting African Slaves to make this connection required no psychological conditioning. They were living it.

Underwater Sculpture honoring Slaves who were thrown overboard.

Underwater Sculpture honoring Slaves who were thrown overboard.

During the 430 plus years the African Slave Trade was active in the Americas, by conservative estimates we lost over 100 million Africans during the “Middle Passages” alone. The “Middle Passage” was the period from point of capture to the auction block. This doesn’t include the multiplied 100’s of millions of African Slaves who actually made it to the auction block to live out the remainder of their lives in degradation and misery.

Those more astute are probably saying, “but we never had that many African Slaves in these United States!” You’re right! The United States or what became the United States, only received about 4% of the African Slaves. The rest went to the Caribbean Islands, Brazil and other places in South America. The numbers of Africans removed from Africa is simply staggering. We look at Africa today and marvel at how primitive and under developed certain sections are. Think about what the world’s population was back in 1452. If you had taken a similar number of people out of Europe, what might Europe look like today?

If the ancestor of the person who invented the telephone, radio, automobile, computer, rocket engines had died, would those things have been invented? The world would be a much different place than it is today. What might Africans have invented had they been left alone? They built the Pyramids, something we cannot duplicate today even with our modern technology. What knowledge was lost?

Christianity and Modern Black Enslavement Continues in Part II

Gun Control – Is It The Solution? (Addendum)

Gun Control Headerby Benjamin T. Moore, Jr.

Gun Control – Is It The Solution? (Addendum)

In Part IV I addressed various “false flag” operations conducted by or allowed to happen by our Government to achieve a political end. Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin to name but two. With regard to the massacre at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton Connecticut I pointed out several disturbing inconsistencies in the official story as it evolved over the course of several days.

At the time I was writing Part IV I had no idea that this additional information was out there or that it would come to light so soon on the heels of my finishing the series. Indeed it was almost as though what I was writing was leading up to this new piece of information. First let me say that I am not, nor can I vouch for the absolute veracity of this information. I am still researching it. Thus far, it is holding up. That does not mean it is completely factual. I present it here for your review with the caveat that you should look at it skeptically. Never swallow anything you cannot chew. However, when one sets upon the search for truth, one must be prepared to look everywhere, examine everything and be open to all possibilities. Without further ado:

I am sure you probably found this shocking. Why would anyone do something like this? Whomever posted this must be a terrible person. Yet, if there is even a shred of truth in this, whomever is behind the deception must also be a terrible person.

My investigation has verified the web sites referenced and the pictures posted. They are out there on the Internet and you can find them if you search for them. I have not yet been able to verify the creation dates of the several web sites. They have not appeared in the various web archiving services as of yet. This is one of the reasons why this is still in my “gray box.”

What about computer errors in dating? Possible but unlikely. Google’s servers would not simply give an erroneous creation date for just one site. If Google’s clocks were off, they’d be off for every site they crawl. It would have been thoroughly discussed across the Internet and fixed immediately.

As a father who has lost a child to murder, I can tell you from personal experience, when it happened, my wife and I were in a deep, dark, pit, surrounded by thick, inky black fog. All we had to cling to was each other. Neither of us were in any position or condition to speak to the press or create a memorial web site. Our son was in his 20’s. I can only imagine the loss of a much younger child would have been exponentially worse.

When you add up the anomalies:

  • Day One – Two handguns, a Sig and a Glock being used.
  • Day One – Bushmaster AR-15 found in back of car.
  • Day One – Principal and Psychologist shot execution style.
  • Day Three – Bushmaster AR-15 used, not the handguns.
  • Day Three – Principal heroically tried to disarm the gunman.
  • Computer hard drive removed and destroyed.

It becomes readily apparent that there is more, much more going on than what we’ve been told. Had the Bushmaster AR-15 been used, they would have said so. It is what it is. Why wouldn’t they say so. It is impossible to mistake a rifle for two handguns. Had the AR-15 been used, it would have fit precisely the scenario certain factions wish to portray. If gun control is your agenda, the AR-15 certainly is the bogeyman you’d want to point to. The fact it took them 3 days tells me that the story on Day One was the correct account.

Is the video you just viewed factual? I do not know. However, it is worthy of consideration and should be used as another data point in your quest for the truth.


The Pain Of Republican Hypocrisy

Republican Hypocrisy Headerby Benjamin T. Moore, Jr.

The Pain Of Republican Hypocrisy

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, an interesting phenomena has been observed. Something of a shark feeding frenzy has been occurring amongst Republicans.

Those Republicans who’s districts are located along the Atlantic seaboard, where hurricane Sandy did most of it’s devastation, are suddenly coming face to face with the consequences of their own policies and rhetoric. Who are they at war with? Interestingly enough, their fellow Republicans!

The TEA Party

If we’re going to be honest and objective, the Republican philosophy has been proven to be a farce for years now. It is one of the most dramatic examples of false advertising imaginable. What are the primary planks of the Republican platform? I’m sure you know them. These are the things that come immediately to mind when you think “Republican.”

  • Smaller Government.
  • Strong National Defence.
  • Lower Taxes.
  • Self-Reliance/Independence/Personal Liberty.

You might be able to add one or two more, however they’re going to be in this same vein. When you look at the history of Republican administrations from the 50’s to now, what you see is nothing of the sort. Consider the national debt. Does it go up or down under fiscally conservative Republican Administrations?

National Debt by President

The Inconvenient Truth

You might be surprised to know it goes up dramatically under the Republicans. While they are talking East, they’re walking West. How did Ronald Reagan defeat the Soviet Union? He spent them into oblivion. They simply could not match our spending and in trying to do so, they ruined their economy forcing their breakup. Is the world safer for having them gone? Simple question: Who now is controlling and monitoring all their nuclear weapons?

Slowest Spending President

President Obama is the most frugal President we’ve had in modern history

Is President Obama the biggest spender in the history of our nation? The thing about statistics is, figures lie and liars figure and sometimes it is difficult to tell who is doing which. Republicans like to simply take the raw numbers out of context. They forget that President Obama is dealing with a much higher GDP and he’s also dealing with a debt that his predecessor – “Lord Voldemort or He Who Shall Not Be Named” – ran up. Thus, by simply paying on the debt already in existence, his spending is going to be – by the pure numbers – higher. However, when you compare his numbers to the rest of the economy and look at the adjusted and thus more correct big picture, it turns out that President Obama may be the most frugal President we’ve had in modern history.

Vicious Attack Dog

Sometimes a dog will turn on it’s master.

This fact has not been lost on the American voting public. In an effort to generate enthusiasm, energy and new blood into the foundering Republican Party, they formed an unholy alliance with the TEA Party. These misguided souls, mostly racist running under the banner of people angry about paying too much in taxes, are like an attack dog. People seem to enjoy owning an attack dog. The concept of having an ever vigilant ally on one’s side seems comforting. But what happens when your dog turns on you?

Hurricane Sandy And Republican Hypocrisy

Peter King Is Livid

New York Republican Representative Peter King is livid.

This past week, Congressman Peter King of New York took to the airwaves to deliver one of the most scathing rebukes I’ve heard, to the Republican Party. What makes this so unusual? Rep. Peter King is himself a Republican. Within 10 days of Hurricane Katrina, the House voted to appropriate 60 billion dollars in relief and rebuilding aid for the stricken Gulf Coast. It has been 9 weeks and they haven’t appropriated a cent to aid the Atlantic seaboard. Frankly? I do not blame him! This shouldn’t be about politics. There are over 517,000 people who have had their lives devastated. Many have lost everything. You can have insurance, but what happens when the insurance company runs out of money? What happens when you cannot get building supplies to your lot to rebuild your home because the roads are impassable? Each day that goes by, the damage is compounded. If you’ve ever experienced a basement flood, you know that getting the water pumped out and the basement dried as quickly as possible is of paramount importance. It doesn’t take mold long to grow. Once mold sets in, you’ve got to start tearing out walls.

An Angry Chris Christie

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie – the presumed Republican Presidential nominee for 2016 – also had quite a lot to say. What made his comments so Earth shattering was the fact he was the keynote speaker at the most recent RNC convention. He is considered the “working man’s blue collar Republican Champion.” Caustic, bombastic and extremely “real,” truth be told, Hell! I don’t know that I wouldn’t vote for him if I lived in New Jersey. I would rather have someone with whom I disagreed with on some issues but whom I knew was doing the best job for the welfare of my State. When Chris Christie called out the Republican House and John Boehner, it got people’s attention and rightly so! Why? Because the needs of American citizens who through no fault of their own, were being thrown under the bus in the name of Republican and TEA Party ideology.

America Is An Idea – Nothing More

Quite often we become confused with borders, State and Federal and we think our geography is what defines us. We are not a homogeneous society defined by ethnicity like China or Japan. You cannot look at someone walking on our streets, note their ethnicity or how they’re dressed and conclude that they are or are not American citizens.

What makes us American is we all believe in the idea of America. “Out of many one.” From California to New York, from North Dakota to Mississippi, from Texas to Maine, we all consider ourselves one nation. When trouble rises or disasters strike, historically we all have pulled together as Americans… until now. When the events of September 11, 2001 happened, we didn’t say, “bummer! Too bad about New York.” We felt that we all had been attacked. We were ready to go to war… with somebody… anybody… turns out that’s just what we did.

Republican Hypocrisy


Pork is always something benefiting someone else’s district.

The definition of “Pork” in a congressional bill is anything that doesn’t directly benefit your State and your constituents. The same Republicans from the Atlantic seaboard who have decried wasteful government spending and who have demanded that there be cuts and offsets for every dollar spent, are now facing their Republican counterparts from States who were not affected by Hurricane Sandy. It’s a case of political Karma. How does it feel? It’s like being in the “Emergency Room” bleeding to death and before the doctor will operate to stop the bleeding and save your life, he pulls up a chair and begins discussing who your insurance carrier is and wants to check if you’re paid up on your premiums.

Tea Bagger

Crazy as a Mad Hatter.

Is this what the TEA Party has brought us to? We will either stand together or hang separately. The TEA Party mentality is exactly the same as that of the Southern Secessionists. The bloodiest war in our history was fought to lay that idea to rest. Many of these States who’s representatives promote these ideas are also the very States first in line with their hands outstretched seeking Federal aid. While Governor Rick Perry was making political points with his base talking about Texas seceding from the Union, wildfires were burning across his State. He was at the front of the line asking President Obama for Federal aid for his State. Like a rabid dog, he was busy biting the hand that feeds him while whining for more food.

It is time we say, enough is enough and get rid of our current crop of Republicans. No, you cannot make the “false equivalence” argument and try and claim that the Democrats do the same thing. They don’t. It is time to belly up to the bar, call a spade a spade and hold accountable the Party who is busily engaged in destroying our homeland. It is time to call Republicans on their hypocrisy. America will exist only as long as it’s citizens embrace the idea of America. That idea is under all out assault by the wing nuts in the Republican Party.

Gun Control – Is It The Solution (Part IV)

Gun Control Headerby Benjamin T. Moore, Jr.

Gun Control – Is It The Solution? (Conclusion)

I have laid out the case in part I, Part II and Part III. In Part IV we will endeavour to reveal the lethal manipulation being used to move the American people in a direction in accordance with someone’s agenda. While we cannot see the wind, we can mark it’s passage, the direction it is moving and the strength of it’s force by what it moves. So too can an unknown entity, cloaked in invisibility be discovered, noted and tracked.

The Hegelian Dialectic

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Hegelian dialectic:
an interpretive method, originally used to relate specific entities or events to the absolute idea, in which an assertable proposition (thesis) is necessarily opposed by its apparent contradiction (antithesis), and both reconciled on a higher level of truth by a third proposition (synthesis).

To put the above in layman’s terms:

David Icke

David Icke

Society is moved in a chosen direction through the use of the levers of Problem, Reaction, Solution. _David Icke

What this means is, the most efficient way to move – herd – a societal group is by creating a problem designed to cause a predicted reaction for which you provide the solution. That solution always happens to be a movement in the direction you want society to go. It is a highly technical way of describing how cowboys steer a herd of cattle. If you want to drive them to the north, you go to the south of the herd and either crack a whip or fire a gun. This creates the problem for the herd. Their reaction is to move away from the noise. Because you chose where to create the loud disturbance, you’ve already picked the possible solution for the herd and that is to move towards the north.

Pearl Harbor

The Day That Will Live In Infamy! No Really!!!

Most people are too afraid to even consider the possibility that there are people who would commit or allow the catastrophic loss of human life to occur just to facilitate their agendas. Consider the “Day That Will Live In Infamy!” The coming attack on Pearl Harbor was known by Franklin D. Roosevelt at least 3 days prior to the attack. Some might say that this was intelligence and only gave a possibility of an attack. However, this intelligence did not come from Fox News or the Drudge Report. This came from Naval Intelligence. At the very least, Roosevelt could have ordered the fleet to commence training exercises as opposed to being grouped together like fish in a barrel.

America’s active involvement in the Vietnam war too came from a contrived incident which did not happen. It was called the Gulf of Tonkin incident in which supposed Vietnamese torpedo boats engaged an American battle group and damaged the USS Maddox. This led to the “Gulf Of Tonkin Resolution” which President Lyndon Baines Johnson used to take us to war. 58,000 American dead Soldiers later, we ended that war having achieved absolutely nothing. Well, not nothing. A lot of arms manufactures made a lot of money. Hear then Secretary of Defense, Robert S. McNamara in his own words say, “It Did Not Happen!”

These are but two examples of the Hegelian Dialectic at work. In both instances there was a high loss of American lives.

What About 911?

Without going beyond the obvious problems with the official version of what happened on September 11, 2001, this event has all the hallmarks of “Problem, Reaction, Solution.” The official version which has buildings dropping into their own footprint due to the heat of the jet fuel burning, tends to ignore the incontrovertible fact, jet fuel simply doesn’t burn hot enough to melt steel. It doesn’t burn hot enough to even weaken or deform steel, certainly not in the short time given. If jet fuel burned that hot, they simply could not use it in jet engines which are made of extremely light weight metals like magnesium and aluminium.

Man with his head buried in the sand.

When you bury your head in the sand like an Ostrich, you leave all your “good” parts exposed.

Then there’s building 7 which was not struck by a plane, but it too dropped right into it’s footprint. They pay professional demolition companies millions of dollars to accomplish this feat. Thus, I’m supposed to believe that not one, not two but three buildings all came down perfectly within their footprints so as not to damage any of the surrounding skyscrapers? There is also the question of whom told NORAD to stand down? The World’s “Super Power” with the most technologically advance military and air force simply allowed 4 large jets to roam it’s skies over populated areas for better than 30 minutes in at least one case, without jet fighters being scrambled with shoot down orders? I was born at night but it wasn’t last night. Some fellow wearing a turban, commuting via Camel, living halfway around the world, can’t make all these things happen on his own.

As a child, there was a common gag in some cartoons. It went like this; one cartoon character who is searching for another cartoon character approaches a third character and asks if he’s seen anyone run past him. The character proceeds to give an accurate and highly detailed description of the fellow… was he about yay tall? Wearing a black hat? Did he have a handlebar moustache? Nope, haven’t seen ’em! The point was, he had way too much information not to have seen him.

So it was with the clue almost everybody missed concerning what brought down the towers on that fateful day in September of 2001. Watch this clip and you’ll see what I mean.

How on earth would this “man on the Street” know within minutes of the towers falling what the official explanation would be for the collapses of all the towers? With all the eyewitnesses standing about, how did they pick him? Why did they pick him? If you listened to Dan Rather, he’s seen buildings brought down by demolition experts. He knew what he was seeing and he was on the right track. However, it was his job to report the news, not become the news.

Red Pill, Blue Pill

Do you really want to know the truth?

The question is, are you ready to consider the truth even though it may be unthinkable? Is your mind strong enough to be awakened to a reality that is not what you’ve been led to believe it is? To use the analogy from the Matrix, you take the blue pill, you fall asleep and awaken back in your bed. You may believe whatever you wish to believe. You take the red pill and you find out how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Gun Control – Problem, Reaction, Solution?

In the past 3 years, 94,445 people were killed by firearms. This number includes suicides. In that same period, 99,060 people were killed by automobiles. That’s 4,615 more people killed by cars. Do you see anything wrong with this picture? Why don’t you hear the outrage, the concern over too many people driving? Think about how many lives you could save if you improved public transportation? Think about how many lives you could save by raising the minimum driving age to 21? These are common sense solutions that you’ll never hear raised, discussed, debated in the chambers of Congress. Why?

Is a family that loses a loved one to a motor vehicle accident in any less pain than a person who’s family member is a victim of a firearm? Of course not. There is no Constitutional Amendment protecting anybody’s right to drive. Increasing funding for public transportation, making it mandatory to use public transportation within the city limits, restricting driving to outside the city limits may seem problematic, however it would be a whole lot easier than trying to confiscate firearms. Not to mention a lot safer for the poor souls you would try to convince to carry out such a mandate.

Let us not pretend that we are so concerned about saving lives when we totally ignore automobile fatalities. Just imagine how many lives would be saved by merely increasing the minimum driving age to 21? If you’re worried about the political implications, make it 18. People under 18 cannot vote anyway. Will they even consider this? Of course not. That is not on someone’s agenda.

Who Is Behind This?

Patriot Act Surveillance

Privacy? What Privacy?

As I alluded to earlier, while we cannot see the wind, we can mark it’s passage by what it moves. Following the supposed terrorist attacks of “911,” what happened? To make us “safe” – same argument for “gun control” – legislation sped through both Houses of Congress, putting in place some of the most Constitution shredding, draconian laws we’ve ever seen. Under the “Patriot Act” – note the name of the Act has nothing to do with the function of the Act – the Government can now monitor which books you check out from your local library. To travel by air you must present your “papers” and submit to an extremely invasive body search. American citizens can be taken away in the middle of the night and held indefinitely without access to a lawyer or even their family members knowing where they’ve been taken and why. Cameras have gone up all around town and up and down our thoroughfares and highways. Your phones can be tapped, your mail opened and read, your e-mail and electronic communications monitored without a court order, probable cause or court supervision. What did the American People do? We uttered not a peep. Why? Because they told us this was to keep us safe.

Following 911 the wealth of this nation was drained away. Unless you witnessed them burning money in huge bonfires, that money went somewhere. How do you go from a $2 trillion dollar surplus to a $14 trillion dollar deficit in 8 years? Where did the money go? The Iraq war? The Afghanistan war? What did we accomplish with the money we invested? Who got paid? What did they do with that money?

There are over 300,000,000 guns in the hands of the citizens of this nation. If guns and the easy access to guns were causing gun violence, we would be in the middle of another Civil War. No business would be conducted because people would be busy shooting one another. Almost every “mass shooter” has been under psychiatric care and on psychoactive drugs. Is this a coincidence? I think not. Who destroyed Adam Lanza’s computer hard drive and why? Why do all these mass shooters commit suicide before they can be questioned and examined if they get the opportunity to do so?

Implementation Of The New World OrderThere are powerful forces at work here. It is time to pull our collective heads from the sand and ask why some group deems it necessary that the American people be disarmed and defenseless. What do they have planned for us? When you follow the money, you will find that it flows to Europe. There are forces that are determined to create a one world Government. George Herbert Walker Bush let slip when he mentioned “The New World Order.” What’s wrong with the current “World Order?” Why do we need a new one?

The extremely wealthy keep their money outside of the jurisdiction of the United States of America, why? What do they know that you don’t? Think about it. It is time to wake up! Gun control is not the solution, it is part of the agenda. If someone who doesn’t have your best interests at heart, decides there is something you should not have… it’s a good bet that it’s exactly what you need. You ask, what good are small arms against the military might of the “World’s Super Power?” Remember Afghanistan. They do not have tanks. They don’t have an air force or a navy. How have we been doing over there? We lost in Vietnam, not because the Vietnamese army had tanks and fighter jets. They had a populace armed with small arms who were committed to fight to the last man. You should pay attention. Those who are after your firearms did.

More Dangerous Meme